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(Trent) Picnic Game
"This is a game that me, Janey, Jess, and Daria played on our way to Alternapalooza. It's a pretty cool way to pass the time. Just be sure to watch the road."

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We're going to the picnic and we're bringing . . .

Adlai Stevenson's left index finger in a little jar, -- John Ogden of Ft. Dodge, IA
Beetle paste smeared on molding french bread, -- Alice Ecker of DeForest, WI
Cattle prods (so much the better to control you. . .), -- Kathi [something] of Pittsburgh, PA
Daria's family (that's enough to make anyone sick), -- Cressida Rutherford of Mississippi State University
An E-3 AWACS going down in flames, -- Michael J. Pfeffer of North Caldwell, NJ
A frog in my throat, -- Gretchen Smith of Raleigh, NC
A grassroots, right-wing political movement, -- Karl G. Hageman of Anchorage, AK
Half the cast of Mission: Impossible, -- Amy Padden of Framingham State College
An infinite improbability drive, -- Matthew Dane Elliot of Newark, CA
Jars and jars of fun for everyone, -- Mick Bonk of Melbourne, Australia
Kansas State University (and a few cows), -- Dan Gross of Fairfax, VA
A lobotomy kit, -- Tori Marcinek of Coopersburg, PA
Moonshine and stardust for that shiny, happy feeling, -- Vikki C. Witt of Southampton, Hampshire, UK
Naked pics of Trent, -- Emily Scelfo of Franklin, LA
Oregano in a little plastic baggie... really, Officer, it's just oregano, -- Nicole Young of Ann Arbor, MI
A panic button, -- Brianna Harmony of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
A quasi-intelligent goth poser, -- Helen Barrett of Northampton, MA
Relativistic morality, -- Michael Korsten of London, Ontario, Canada
A signed murder confession from Martha Stewart, -- Renfield of Linthicum, MD
A time machine so I can get away from you people, -- Danielle Beach of Lawndale, CT
Underwear that doesn't shrink in the wash, -- Faith Thomas of WA (?), Australia
A viral infection; a very contagious, as of yet untreatable one, -- Rosie (something) of Willamette Valley, OR
(Why is this question still being asked?), -- Chayene (something) of Scofield, South Australia
A xyster, for scraping those pesky, diseased bones, -- Misty Bradley of Louisville, KY
Yak butter (you don't wanna know), -- Hikhali Jericho of Seattle, WA
(Young) Zaphod, who plays it safe. -- Eileen Gormley of Oak Ridge, TN

You're coming to the picnic and you're bringing . . .

(Make sure it starts with A.)

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