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    TO: [email protected]
    FROM: [email protected]
    RE: Next season of Daria

    Here are some ideas we've been batting around for the next season of "Daria." Let us know what you think.

    Daria and Trent get together (29 votes)
    Daria becomes popular (6 votes)
    Something bad happens to Quinn (2 votes)
    Quinn goes for Trent (2 votes)

    (one vote each)

    Quentin Tarantino directs an episode.
    Upchuck and Quinn start dating.
    Daria and Kevin are forced to get married.
    Daria and Jane get together.
    Quinn and Sandi kill each other.
    Entire Fashion Club gets pregnant.
    Daria has a nervous breakdown.
    Upchuck gets a girl.
    Aunt Aimee comes over.
    Daria smokes pot with the Lanes.
    Daria gets a boyfriend.
    Another fantasy episode like "Daria! - the musical" or "Depth Takes a Holiday."
    Daria eats Trent.
    Daria no longer likes Trent but Trent likes her.
    Lots of Trent.
    Daria's first date.
    Daria goes to Orlando, FL with her parents.
    Jane stays with Tom.
    Daria and Jane work at a youth hotline. Stacy calls and they almost drive her over the edge.
    Daria gets a job.
    Jesse and Jane become a couple. [Team Rocket, perhaps?]
    A guy like Daria moves to town and they hook up.
    Two-hour long episodes.
    Cheap porno flicks.
    Someone is revealed to be gay.
    Trent finds out Daria likes him.
    Two mis-matched characters get stuck in an elevator.
    Spotlight on minor characters.

    TO: [email protected]
    FROM: [email protected]
    RE: The ideas you submitted

    The ideas for new "Daria" episodes you sent in were great. Unfortunately, we've discovered that they did not come from you, but from a poll conducted at a Daria fansite that's updated about every two years. You're all fired.

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