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  • quotes from The Daria Database

    "Katherine's sweet, but she kept asking me stupid question like how a lightbulb works. I explained the 'off' and 'on' switch to her and then she just walked away."

    --Quinn, Baby-Sitting Spreadsheet

    "Mr. O'Connor is so nice! He's even asked me to go sailing with him!"

    --Quinn, Baby-Sitting Spreadsheet

    "Food: Surprisingly good, although not sure if Joey should have eaten that rum cake. Hope he got home all right."

    --Quinn, Baby-Sitting Spreadsheet

    "All this excitement is killing me. Very, very slowly."

    --Daria, E-Mail to Canberra

    "The members of your immediate family are represented by the swords piercing your brain."

    --Jane, Drawings of Crests

    "Rather than relax and enjoy the sun like a normal kid whose father DOESN'T think he's raising the next Barbara Jordan..."

    --Jodie, Enriched Academics Application

    "Stanton is renowned for having been a decent school, oh, 200 years ago..."

    --Jodie, Enriched Academics Application

    "Retype, then burn this draft."

    --Jodie, Enriched Academics Application

    "Ashley-Amber, 26, former beer model, Met Steve on photo shoot. Laughs at his stale jokes while secretly learning the joint property laws."

    --Family Portraits, the Taylors

    "Jodie, 16, superstudent, COuld possibly be this country's first African-Amercian and female president if the stress of being perfect doesn't kill her first."

    --Family Portraits, the Landons

    "If history is doomed to repeat itself, bring on the beheadings."

    --RapidTransmit, Fave Folks from History

    "Pie-throwing scene ruins what could have been a very tender finale."

    --"The Pie" (Part I), Food in Film

    "The execution scene is said to have inspired the denouement of 'House Party II.'"

    --"Andre Sakarinski's Last Meal", Food in Film

    "There's such a fine line between lunacy and insanity."

    --RapidTransmit, Greeting from Brookside Rest Home

    "I've been suspicious of doctors ever since one showed up at my birth. I didn't invite him."

    --RapidTransmit, How to Reduce Teen Anxiety

    "Peg's Kegs ... Peg does not like jokes about her 'kegs.' Neither does her friend Missy."

    --Carter County map

    "Now go out there and show them why people make fun of school plays!"

    --RapidTransmit, Mr. O'Neill's pep talk

    "Communicating via the refrigerator just isn't the same as face-to-face conversation. It's better."

    --RapidTransmit, Refrigerator Notes

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