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(Kevin and Brittany) Quotes
"Ooh, Kevvy, look! I just love quotes, don't you?"
"No way, babe. It's like, Mr. O'Neill's always writing some stupid quote on the board and asking me who said it. It makes my head hurt!"
"But, Kevvy, these quotes are from our show! Some of them are even by us!"
"Oh . . . cool! I might know some of these!"

quotes by episode

Season One Season Two Season Three Miscellaneous
Esteemsters Arts 'n' Crass Daria! - the musical Sealed with a Kick
The Invitation The Daria Hunter Through a Lens Darkly The Daria Diaries
College Bored Quinn the Brain The Old and the
The Daria Database
Café Disaffecto I Don't Depth Takes a Holiday Daria Day '98
Malled That was Then,
This is Dumb
Daria Dance Party Daria Day '99
This Year's Model Monster The Lost Girls
The Lab Brat The New Kid It Happened One Nut
Pinch Sitter Gifted Lane Miserables
Too Cute Ill Jake of Hearts
The Big House Fair Enough Speedtrapped
Road Worrier See Jane Run The Lawndale Files
The Teachings of
Don Jake
Pierced Just Add Water
The Misery Chick Write Where it Hurts Jane's Addition

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