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Episode Guide

Well, this is only a simple quide that only list the episodes. If you want a more elaborate episode guide that includes summaries, transcripts, songs in the episode, bloopers and Noggin's editings there is one here at Outpost-Daria.

Sealed With A Kick

Season One
102-The Invitation
103-Collage Bored
104-Cafe Disaffecto
106-This Year's Model
107-The Lab Brat
108-Pinch Sitter
109-Too Cute
110-The Big House
111-Road Worrier
112-The Teachings of Don Jake
113-The Misery Chick

Season Two
201-Arts 'N Crass
202-The Daria Hunter
203-Quinn the Brain
204-I Don't
205-That Was Then, This is Dumb
207-The New Kid
210-Fair Enough
211-See Jane Run
212-Pierce Me
213-Write Where it Hurts

Season Three
301-Through A Lens Darkly
302-The Old and the Beautiful
303-Depth Takes a Holiday
304-Daria Dance Party
305-The Lost Girls
306-It Happened One Nut
308-Lane Miserables
309-Jake of Hearts
311-The Lawndale File
312-Just Add Water
313-Jane's Addition

Season Four
401-Partner's Complaint
402-Antisocial Climbers
403-A Tree Grows in Lawndale
404-Murder, She Snored
405-The F Word (aka "Fail")
406-I Loathe a Parade
407-Of Human Bonding
408-Psycho Therapy
409-Mart of Darkness
410-Legends of the Mall
411-Groped by an Angel
413-Dye! Dye! My Darling

Movie I
Is It Fall Yet?

Season 5
501-Fizz Ed
502-Sappy Anniversary
503-Fat Like Me
504-Camp Fear
505-The Story of D
506-Lucky Strike
507-Art Burn
508-One J at a Time
509-Life in the Past Lane
510-Aunt Nauseam
511-Prize Fighters
512-My Night at Daria's
513-Boxing Daria

Movie II
Is It College Yet?


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