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Kemical Reaxion
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[Title] [Rating] [Pairing] [Short Description]
1. On Guard PG-13 None Career Observance Day finds Daria working as a crossing guard while Jane brings Quinn's modeling career to a screeching halt.
2. Why 2K? PG-13 Daria and Trent The year 2000 arrives and causes Lawndale to lose electricity. Games are played, secrets are revealed, and someone gets a much needed shower.
3. Would You Like To Take A Survey? PG-13 None Don't you just hate those stupid email surveys? Well, find out how some of our favorite characters might answer one of those horrible things.
4. Cheese Is The Word
Act I - Act II - Act III - Act IV - Act V - Endnotes
PG-13 Numerous Daria and the gang are Seniors...and are wreaking havoc on the town of Lawndale. Parody on the movie Grease. Not your average musical!
5. The QB Nextdoor PG-13 None Daria gets a surprise visit from the QB. But what could he possibly want from her?
6. One Hundred Percent PG-13 None After the events of "Dye! Dye! My Darling!" Jane finds a friend in the most unlikely of people -- Monique. But after confiding in her, Jane realizes Monique has a few secrets of her own.
7. Cyber Stacy PG-13 Stacy and Jesse, Daria and Tom Stacy meets a guy in a chat room. Everything is fine, until she agrees to meet him in person. Meanwhile, Jane is acting strange around Daria and Tom, but only Jane knows why.
8. The Artist Formerly Known as the Frog Prince PG-13 None Daria has a rude awakening when a slimy little frog steals her glasses. Parody of "The Frog Prince."
9. Cinderfella PG-13 None A ball at Castle Morgendorffer finds everyone's favorite Lawndale slacker in an unusual predicament, and his "stepfamily" is none too happy about it. The classic tale of "Cinderella" with a new twist.
10. Little Green Riding Hood PG-13 Trent and Daria (Sort Of) On the way to deliver her mother's briefcase, Daria meets up with the Big Bad Wolf...sort of. When Jane gets involved in the story, look out! The final fic in the "Barely Tales" series.
[Title] [Rating] [Pairing] [Short Description]
1. Beavis and Butthead...NOT! PG-13 None Daria & Quinn renact their Highland past by imitaing the one and only Beavis & Butt Head.
2. The Daria Horror Picture Show PG-13 Numerous A Daria parody of the legendary Rocky Horror Picture Show.
3. Daria vs. Celine PG-13 None Oh-oh!! Celine Dionne, the diva we all love to hate, just challenged Daria to a duel to the death. Will our glasses wearing heroine finally meet her match? Don't bet on it!!
4. For The Love of Quinn R Sandi and Quinn Sandi's in love----with Quinn. A songfic (set to Dan Fogelberg's - Longer.)
The Brain and The Beauty
-Part 1 NC 17 Sandi and Daria A kiss turns Daria's world upside down. Who kissed her? (Hint: it ain't Tom or Trent.)
-Part 2 NC 17 Sandi and Daria Things heat up for daria
-Part 3 NC 17 Sandi and Daria At last.....Daria gets jiggy with it. But who?
-Part 4 NC 17 Sandi and Daria Daria's in a quandry, but in the end, all works well
-Part 5 NC 17 Sandi and Daria N/A


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