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2 February, 2006 - Mersenne number primality tester

I've written a new program for testing Mersenne numbers for
primality. This is pretty useless when compared to
GIMPS, but you
can learn how the algorithm works. It is a TI-89 program.



11 May, 2005 - Major upgrades to forums

Proboards, my wonderful forum host, has made an update to the
forums. It has over 120 new features! GO check them out!


5 September, 2004 - all good things come to an end...

You may have noticed that this site is rarely updated now. It's because
that now I'm a very busy college student, I no longer have the time
to update this site. It was a very difficult decision.

However, that does not mean that this site is shutting down! The site
and the forums will remain open.

Thank you for your time.


2 August, 2004 - new e-mail address!

Once again, I apologize for the lack of updates - I've been very busy
studying for college lately.

But I got a new e-mail address,
[email protected]u!

However, I stick to my Yahoo! account more, so please try to direct
all mail there. Thanks.


11 June, 2004 - I graduated from high school!

Today is a great day for me. I graduated from Los Altos High School!
It has been an extremely positive experience for me, and it will be
etched into my memory forever.

Los Altos High School is more than a school - it is a community.
I am very lucky to have been enrolled there. Congratulations to all the
fellow high school seniors out there.

The class of 2004 0wnz j00!

Oh, and they discovered the 41st Mersenne prime (2^24036583-1)
not too long ago. V
isit for more information. :)


27 May, 2004 - Updates gal

Spherical Property Calculator v1.4 and Elliptical Function Calculator
v1.2 are now abailable. I've also released the source files for these

The FAQ has also been updated, so please read it.

Finally, I'm proud to announce that I am going into UC Berkeley this
fall (see the Links page)! Go me!


21 May, 2004 - Spherical Property Calculato
r v1.3

I've uploaded Spherical Property Calculator v1.3! The documentation
has been rewritten, so please read it carefully!

The source code will be available soon.


2 May, 2004 - GNU General Public L

I've updated the terms and conditions with information about the use
of any source code. Please make sure you read it.


6 April, 2004 - FAQ updated! (and some

I've updated the FAQ with more information. It is now divided into
two sections, the standard FAQs and the troubleshooting FAQs.

I've slightly improved the guestbook pages to make them look more

Finally, I've uploaded the required run-time file Msvbvm50.dll, so you
won't have to search all over the internet for it!


5 March, 2004 - Links section

I've remade the Links section in HTML. I hope you like it! Of course,
what would be the point of rebuilding the page without adding some
more links to it? :)


4 March, 2004 - Three new CFX-9850 p

I finally found some time away from homework to work on my
programs. Check out the Matrix Simulator, the Shape Transformer,
and a Setup program for the transformer programs
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