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In September 1997, an experiment in web literature was begun...the tale of what at first seemed to only be an ordinary man, surviving something the rest of his starship crew did not. But not quite...for in the Universe of Babylon 5, nothing is ever that simple...and thus, was born the tale of the RIMSTALKER.

The goal of this saga, in my mind, was to write an arc with all new characters and occasionally, all new situations, woven throughout the larger story of the station named Babylon 5...but, visiting locations and exploring situations that J. Michael Straczynski never had time for in the show. And in November 1998, the goal was completed, coincidentary with the final televised episode, "Sleeping in Light". Now, I invite you, the fan-fic reader, to once again explore the realm of...

The Rimstalker Series

More recently, in January 1999, the sequel to the RIMSTALKER was begun...the tale of a Ranger warship named SHARD OF NIGHT. The tale of a mission veiled in secrecy, and stalked by enemies unknown and unknowable. The story of six Rangers and their crew, brought together by fate, and predicted by prophecy.

Their chief goal? To protect the Interstellar Alliance destroyer EXCALIBUR from its any cost.

The name of the series?

Star and Circle

In addition to these works, other works of Babylon 5 fan fiction can also be found on the Links Page . These include works listed on the Babylon 5 Creative Archive homesite, the 'Alternate Universe', and also, weblinks to sites managed by fellow members of the 'Virtual Season Six' writing team, of which I am proud to be a part. Visit those links, and read the stories, if you haven't already. If you're a fan of J. Michael Straczynski and his work, the effort is worth it...a lot of people, myself included, have put long hours into writing stories based in the BABYLON 5 universe. All these gems can be found here, as well as links to other areas of interest to me, personally, including some nifty science fiction, astronomy and weather links.

Those interested in the progress of writing can visit The Writing Update Page This will be updated as writing or work on the site progresses.

Those interested in making comments about my two series are now welcome to visit the DESTINY'S CRY forum located here .

The creator of this website is also the webmaster for Babylon 5 -- Virtual Season Six. The series can be foundat this location.

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