They made their way to down to their 1st time visited destination. Zac had got the address from the same friend who recommended him to the soon to be known second meaning to their ‘escort’ service. They took a cab thinking it would be easier than driving aimlessly through the streets of Oklahoma City, going round in circles, passing the same place several times, learnt very thankfully from their past experiences with Oklahoma’s meandering roads.

The cab stopped abruptly. Zac and Ike were looking onward still admiring and discussing the fresh scenery of that part called the 'red light district’ their driver was boisterously mentioning as if he frequented there everyday. They thought at first it had been a red light but the end of the road was several good meters away.
‘What? We’re here already?’ Zac got himself together to get off, bemused that his reputable escort service which his friend so elegantly put could be based in a downtown area so unrespectable, with properties still ignorant to their virgin eyes.
‘Yes sir’ the Sikh taxi driver with the turban timely obliged.
‘But didn’t you say this was the red light district?' He wanted clarification as he shouted from the back window waiting for Ike to shimmy himself out of the cab too.
‘Yes indeedy. Have fun boys’ he gave them a wink just as Ike got his whole self out and he slammed the accelerator and sped off leaving them feeling directionless and insecure. The stood there like fools, just standing there without saying or doing anything until they saw a gang of rough looking middle aged ruffians heading their way.

‘They look like they’re coming towards us!’ Zac noted as his eyes skipped from 1 bad boy to the next.
‘I don’t think…I….’ Ike was lost for words as his attention was undivided deciphering whether what Zac said was true, and when he saw all eyes on them, he froze. He felt Zac tugging his shirt sleeve but he couldn’t do anything, fear freezing him like an ice block as he stood there waiting to be used as a punching bag for those hooligans. The tugging grew to frantic pulling and pushing, the nearer they came but still he remained dormant to Zac’s efforts. They were a few feet away when Zac’s pulling stopped frightening Ike even more since he couldnt move his head to see what had happened. And then it happened. They passed them, the 6 of them laughing and grunting among themselves, their practical joke in scaring the youngins worked like a charm as Zac had wet his pants, the 15 years of toilet training escaping him through that frightful experience.

‘Let’s get out of her. I wanna go home’ Zac talked in a baby-ish tone, humiliated beyond redness. This was one encounter that had to go into his diary as ‘most embarrassing day of his life’
‘Hurry, before somebody sees’ Zac hurried Ike, covering his wet spot as he tried to maneuver himself to hide himself with 1 hand and hail occupied cabs with the other.
‘What? Why? We haven’t seen the place yet. Don’t let a little thing like that stop us from our goal’ Ike disputed unaware of the mess Zac had made of himself, and when he saw Zac in a peculiar crouched position, it hit him.
‘Oh dear, Zac. We’ll get that cleaned up in the toilet. I promise we’ll get it looking as good as new’ Ike reasoned not wanting to travel all the way home 20 miles away just to wash Zac’s pants.

They entered one of the toy shops, their cheeks taking on a darker colour as blood rushed to them and they tried to avoid looking at the coloured flavoured condoms and edible underwear and such. Their parents would have a fit if they ever caught them in there. They would even probably make them go to church every day for confessions until they memory failed on them. They were in and out in less than Zac could say ‘I wet my pants’.

‘Now where is this shop? It says 1-32. This is 1-13. That means its somewhere at the end of this stretch of shops and we have to go right’ Ike directed as he started walking. After all 19 shops was no small walking distance. Zac followed dancing along skipping from leg to leg, his pants still hot from being heated full blast within a few seconds, due to his preference of being caught dead than to be seen humping the hairdryer.

Ike had stopped checking the shop number, tired that every few shops he walked and checked the number, he had still not reached.
‘Hi there, lover boy, wanna get some honey tonight’ he was greeted with a very thinly clad overly made up lady. A beauty she was, he thought. Too bad she had to cover it up with artificial beautification. He looked up habitually and noticed the store number.  1-32.

He looked at Zac, a disconcerting hard glare as he waited for his dear old brother to explain himself.
‘Don’t look at me like that! I swear my friends gonna get it’ Zac looked at the card stained with his friends lies and god knows what else before it came into his hands. He flung it towards the trash as it neatly boomeranged and hit the side of the metal can with a clang.
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