‘Guess who’s gonna get it now?’ Ike said his hands clasping the air as if he was about to give his brother a well-deserved slap across the face. The trouble he had gotten his brothers into and not mentioning their reputation at risk was insurmountable.

‘Boys boys calm down. You two here fighting over Tabitha here? She’s a beauty, ain’t she? German, Native American mix’ Gail said. She was the 2nd oldest of the bunch, a mother to the young ones, if not closer than Priscilla herself. She had the most contact with them, having to not work as hard and having pimping as a 2nd job. She was free most of the time unlike Priscilla, being the boss, having to work the streets in search of helpless needy poor little dolls like Selina, a vulture she could even be called.

‘Is this ‘love empire’?’ Zac asked although he already knew the answer from the small italics above the counter in the far but not unreadable distance.
‘You’ve come to the right place sonny. We’ve got a wide selection today, just pick which one you want from our list’ she pointed to the cardboard laminated in plastic hung at the counter. Zac felt like he was selecting a dish from a menu the way the names were listed and the material he was reading it from. It reminded him of his favourite restaurant, Starbucks, or at least Tay’s. He had to be dragged wherever Taylor wanted normally. Being the youngest leaves one with limited choices, 2nd hand clothes, 2nd hand toys, all the remainder of descended property from the generations above him. Anything more would be considered a waste.

‘Um, actually I’m Zac and I’ve come to talk to someone called Priscilla?’ Zac said unsure if he really wanted to after this new discovery. The woman nodded although he was certain she didn’t know who he was and showed him into the guestroom. The whorehouse although exhibited tiny accommodation was actually very large, with several different rooms with various purposes. The guestroom, lounge room and rest room were only a miniscule part of the whole establishment.

Madam Priscilla presented herself with her long chiffon translucent gown showing off the matching bra and panty set she had on. At 42, she wasn’t that bad looking. But she had her secrets, the gym room being one of them.
They greeted each other and exchanged formalities when Zac got to the core of why they were there.
‘So you see, that’s why I cant have any of your girls calling our house, especially after we just found out…..ahem’ he coughed it off having said it one too many times during the conversation already. Another would be more than needed.

‘I understand’ she nodded obscurely. ‘I’ll make sure they don’t call the house anymore’ She said and they could hear the authority behind her voice. They could already picture her punishing her employees the minute they touched the phone to dial 334, the 1st 3 digits to their residence.

And that was that. Her promise was taken to be credible by them as they hopped into a new cab, their shoulder having ½ its burden unloaded off, still partly uncertain if she had power or time enough to control everybody’s actions.

‘Did you see that? One of those prissy boys came to complain. Looks like Madame Priscilla will be keeping a close watch on all of us and if they get a call, ALL of us will be screwed. The only way is to let him find out himself….. But how?’ Another newer plot started with Ashley. She had a great mind. If only it hadn’t been used for harmful purposes, she could have been a great scholar.
Regina just looked at her waiting to come up with one of her brilliant plans, using no effort in thinking along with her, knowing that Ashley was smart enough to think it all up by herself. Heck, she could conquer the world if she put her mind to it, with her entrepreneurship and inborn drive.

‘Hey she said we couldn’t call him, but what if we were to bump into him…by accident?’

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