3 days after his birthday and his mother was already making him to do household chores.
‘Taylor, its your turn to take out the trash’ Diana yelled from her turkey plucking in her kitchen. Starting from scratch with cooking always yielded the tastiest results was her motto.
‘Taylor!’ There was always yelling involved getting Taylor to perform routine jobs. He was unlike Ike who obediently obliged and was in and out of the house in a snap of the fingers or like Zac who spent all day loafing around doing them, pausing to have self-made breaks but still he got the job done. With Taylor, it was like he deadened his ears to all the words out there that meant chore. Trash, dishes, diapers, they were all words that weren’t allowed pass his eardrums.

‘Taylor, get your butt out there now!’ He knew if his mother raised her voice with him one more time, he was going to get a spanking. He faithfully carried his unspanked butt to the lawn and low and behold his pretty blue eyes, there was a brand new 4 wheel drive 2000 BMW convertible sitting on the side path, the exact kind he always said he wanted while flipping through the magazines.

He ran to it to make sure it was really his and not an unexpected guest’s car. His father popped out from behind with an ear-to-ear smile on his face and handed him the keys. He almost jumped for joy. He couldn’t have asked for a better present. After a year of waiting and begging, he finally got it, from the money he achieved with ‘Middle of nowhere’ no doubt, which was kept in a secure fund, but it was only fair considering they were infants at that time compared in the music industry. He gave his father a tearful hug and turned around to wave at his grinning mother who had exited from the kitchen to watch her son’s response to the surprise. He went into his car and inserted the key into the ignition, his body burning inside to take it for a spin, and when he heard the engines revving, his heart jumped a little. Nothing could explain the excitement he felt right then. He plunged his foot down on the accelerator and the vehicle took him away in a skidded frenzy. He winded the top down and felt the breeze brush through his tapered dirty blonde hair, darkened in the winter. It was euphoric, the experience. He flipped his head back and dared himself to close his eyes for a brief second to the long uninterrupted road ahead to feel the completeness of his joyride. It was blissful, the cool wind caressing his flawless complexion, now pink in elation, his hair flowing back in exhilarated madness. He opened his eyes, still no cars around. He so wanted to show off his new toy.

‘I can take it to the city.’ he thought aloud to himself. He regretted that he never gotten an address from Selina. He was aching to take her along with him in his car and show her around Tulsa and all its grassy hills and suburbs. Another time, he thought but he could think of nothing riding in his car than Selina. Somehow 2 of the most precious things in his life together seemed to justify things more. He thrusted his hip up from the seat a bit to get his cell.

‘Hey has Taylor called her yet? I’m getting impatient here’ Ashley grumbled scratching herself habitually even though she wasn’t itching. Itching for the call was a phrase that could be used though. She couldn’t sit still, either pacing up and down, or scratching herself or doing other things out of agitation.

‘Ring ring!’ It emitted from the escort phone and Ashley jumped her head darting around looking for Selina to answer it, her being the only applicant for the escort service since Taylor had called for it.

‘Ring ring!’ It kept on pursuing.
‘Well if Selina’s not here, I’m sure mommy wont mind if 1 of us picks up. I mean she wouldn’t want us to lose a job, right?’ Ashley said slyly with a raise eyebrow, signifying another one of her dirty deeds was in the process of fermenting.

‘Oh darn, overhead’ Taylor said as he hoped the transmission would be clear if Selina were to pick up.

‘Hello, Priscilla’s whore house’ she defiantly said, her voice yelling slightly to make sure that Taylor heard it word for word and it stuck to his head.

‘Hello? Hello…..I can’t hear you. Is that Selina?’ Taylor shouted from the other side, the overhead seriously causing some rough intermission between them.
‘You’ve reached PRISCILLA’S WHORE HOUSE. Are you looking for one of our whores? Selina perhaps?’ Ashley persisted her plundering.

All Taylor could hear was static, until he drove out of the tunnel, then all that got across was an engaged tone.
‘She must have hung up’ he deduced and flipped his cell phone shut.
‘Another day. Perhaps today’s not such a good day’ He concluded having no idea how right he was. He took it as a sign from the overhead that the fates did not want them talking. If it really was the fates, then luck was on his side.
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