‘Dammit, he didn’t hear any of it and I got cut off’ Ashley said as she snapped her fingers again, a habit growing on her ever since she had to deal with filthy rich clients that didn’t pay HER. ‘I almost had her done for’
‘Damn, damn, damn’ she went about her cursing when Gail made her presence known.
‘Ahem’ She had witnessed the whole thing.
Ashley wasn’t sure if she did and played innocent as she coiled the phone wire around her sneaky little fingers.
‘I was just calling my friend…’she started
‘Save it Ash, I know what happened’
Ashley pouted her infamous ‘I didn’t get what I want’ pout and started conspiring a way to get out of this fix, but for once she was stumped, her brain devoid of sneaky little plans to cover up her misdeeds.
‘Don’t worry I wont tell. Just don’t do it again or I’ll be forced to reveal to Madame Priscilla who the mystery caller is’ Gail said.

Gail was a good friend and confidante to Selina. Within the time span of a week, they had gotten close, not as close as with Priscilla but she felt like she could confide in her more when it came to minute matters, things she didn’t want bother her with like the insignificant details of her everyday problems. It was the same for all the other young ones, Gail was a leaning pole for many of them, and she was hard up about Selina going too far with her 1st customer just like the next person but hers was a concern instead of a resentful envy. The 1st one was always the hardest, the one you cling on and grow unmistakably attached to but it always ended in heartache and a stronger heart to go on with for the next customer. The stronger the attachment, the harder the fall, and she was afraid, for Selina, she had fallen way beyond the edge of rescue. She had seen the way Selina's eyes lit up every time she talked about Taylor, like 2 flames of fire in an agate gemstone. She was beyond repair.

Ashley kept on pouting all the way till she surrendered to the bedrooms with Tabitha following close behind like a servant advisor, although the role she played for the advisor was severely lacking. She never was one to argue with her o mighty one, especially when she was steadfast on a particular subject, the part which was crucial for her stand, mainly because she had no say over…..anything. Dumb was her game, or at least that’s the way her half wit left her.

‘Taylor guess what, Susans coming over Saturday night, You wont have to complain about how bored you’re going to be anymore’ Diana mumbled from behind her mop, always the effervescent one when it came to sweeping and mopping, humming her little 60’s tunes to the beat of her striding mop.
‘Oh great, just what I needed’ Taylor complained. Susan was one of his ex’s he couldn’t stand. He spent his whole time trying to get away from her and now that their separated, the mere thought of being close to her striked fear in him that she might use her sleek ways to trick him into getting back with her. It wasn’t difficult, it had been done before.

‘Zac, what were you saying about you and Ike double dating?’ Tay asked taking interest in the concept. For once his younger brother had an idea that was proper, plus he wanted an excuse to flee from unrelenting ruthless Susan when she came Saturday night. That was his nick name for her ever since he got to know the real side of her. It made her seem like one of those eye-patched one-legged ruggard cowgirl she so fittingly would pull off.
‘Ike and I are going with Grace and Fanny to Johnny’s’ Zac meaninglessly mentioned out from the covers of the ‘Esquire’ magazine he stole from Ike’s camouflaged brown drawer where he kept all his hidden stuff under a lock and key away from his parents and kids of the family.
‘Why? You thinking of following us and making it a triple date?’ Zac asked quizzically, expecting him to say no as always. He was always that way when it came to blind dates and set ups.
‘Yeah, I’m thinking it might not be such a bad idea’
Zac slided the magazine out of the way of his view to his new unacquainted brother slowly. Was this the same private guy he used to know or had something over the clouds changed him? But he wasn’t one to argue.

So it was set. Friday night the 6 of them would dine together at the local eatery.
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