“Taylor I don’t think its such a good idea to go out with Selina anymore,’ Zac said looking his brother straight in the eye to show the seriousness of his proposition, the issue with the history behind selina clanging at the back of his mind.
“What! Why? You’re the one who introduced us and keep pairing me with girls all the time anyway! And now that I finally found one I like, you protest?’ Taylor said totally confused by his brothers wavering behaviour.
‘O.K. Nothing, forget it.’ Zac said as he went out of the room, turning the lights off like his brother meticulously warned him numerous time before.

“Ike Im really worried about taylor, Hes not going to stop going out with selina from the looks of it and I don’t know how hes gonna feel once he finds out, which will be pretty soon at the rate he’s going.”
“I don’t know what to say Zac. Let him be and see how it turns out’ Isaac said wondering why his issue of Esquire had been creased and dog-eared all over the pages.
‘Maybe we should find a way to get them separated. Its better that way than have him find out and he’ll be so mad, he’ll tell mom on us, and that will really be the end of us.” Zac spilled. Now the real reason for his unusual sudden deep concern about his brothers love life was out.
‘So you’re actually more worried about us getting grounded than you are of your own brother? Now that’s….’
‘No, no. I really mean it. Taylor will be much less heartbroken if we were to ‘break them up’ and he never knew she was a know’ They looked at each other and thoughts that crossed their heads belittled Ashley's very little from the way they were thinking.

‘So Friday, is it?’ Ashley leaned away from the keyhole of Selina’s quarters which she shared with her 4 absent roommates.
‘Regina you’re coming with me….. aren’t u? Ashley looked at her with a hard expecting stare not giving her much choice with her sternness. Regina didn’t have to nod or shake as she’s learnt. It only took her a 5 second wait for Ashley to take her silence as a yes, or whatever the answer she wanted to be at that time. It was a self-induced cycle.

‘Good, now for a plan….’

‘Gimme that ribbon. Its supposed to go here’ Jami jumped at Tabitha and snatched the gamboge corduroy ribbon from her griping hands.
‘No, no, no, haven’t you girls learnt anything? A red dress goes best with velvet black ribbons’ Belle said being known as the fashion expert among the bunch, knowing how to grab men’s attention from just wearing the right combination of colours to suit the fit and style of her attire and her body shape. Sewing classes was nothing compared to the years of experience she had with playing dress up, the effects to her experimenting very quickly notified in the number of ogles and clients she got per night.
“Girls, girls, girls. listen to me. I’m the oldest here, green velveteen with lace does the trick’. Gail had accompanied them in dressing her up for this important dinner date, the 2nd always being more important than the first, in their books, being the date where most of the shyness and awkwardness has subsided and thing got really deep with conversation and burrowing into their personal lives.
The hustle and bustle continued as they fussed over which eye shadow and lipstick matched each other and other essentials for a girls most strenuous date.

Ashley and Regina were all dolled up too, but theirs was made to blend into the background, to fit right in while they did their spying and other invasive dirty deeds until they were satisfied that they had blown it for the lucky bitch once and for all.

The night was darker than most at 8pm, the starless, cloudless sky brought a thin cool breeze across the streets, gently blowing the palm trees that were planted outside the small mom and pop owned restaurant. It was clean and formally designed nevertheless with its polished tabletops and bar available for lightly brewed cocktails, but the 6 of them had decided to take the exterior seats so they could dine under the roofless section of the eatery that night. The breeze was too refreshing to let go to waste sitting in the enclosed deoxygenated air-conditioned room. Taylor looked breathtaking, Selina thought. His soft gentle features brought out his androgynous beauty, that without, wouldn’t make him as stunning and pleasing to the eye. He smiled at her ever so often, knowing that she loved it when he smiled. It endowed him with a certain angelic glow that brightened up his whole persona and it was as if his happy gleeful aura radiated widely and engulved her in its coaxing tepid sphere inducing her to feel the same way too.

Ashley was there unquestionably, lurking behind the palm trees that to her benefit had elephant sized trunks which she could hide her slim body completely so her devising could go smoothly without causing any suspicion.
‘We’ll get them when they leave’ Ashley nodded at Regina who was almost being put to sleep after waiting for almost an hour without the 6 moving from their seats and without the 2 of them moving from their plant.
“They’re getting up! And picking up their bags. Lets go’ she said which Regina almost let right pass her eardrums due to her sleepiness.
‘Lets go, holy gesus’ She had to pick the poor girl up by her arm from her comfortable rested squatting position.
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