‘I’ll pay the bill, you go ahead first’ Taylor told his brothers. Selina stayed with him, holding on to his arm like he would run if she didn’t, and leaned cattily on him with her whole weight resting on him further adding to the conjecture. He placed on the tray with his supple hands a $200 bill in a limber effeminate manner, unsuspecting of what was waiting for them on the outside.

They talked cheerily to their dates, their stomachs full and spirits high when all of a sudden 2 women who they thought to be robbers clad in black with tight leather shot out from behind the trees and confronted them, one looking like she hadn’t slept for days.
‘Where is he? Damn’ Ashley pronounced when she realized she had caught them at the wrong moment-with taylor not at where they wanted him.
‘Oh god, it’s the whores from the whore house’
“Shhh…’ Ike poked his ribs.
“Whores?’ Grace asked looking at Ike with furrowed brows across her face.

“He's in the food place, lets get him’ Ashley initiated and tried to get past the brothers to her victim.
“Oh no you don’t’ Zac replied as he stretched out both his arms to the side like a gate to shield her from getting through. For a minute the 2 of them stood there like rams butting heads as Ashley dashed from side to side trying to get through and Zac preventing her with his full on body slam. They both scuttled, pushing against each other with at least 1 of their body parts at one time or another. Zac knew this was a match he couldn’t win. Taylor was going to come out from Johnny’s at any second and see them with the mischief-makers and with Selina by his side, the whole story would be known.

“Ike , take Fanny and Grace and the other 2 somewhere else, ill try to hold off these 2.’ Zac said daringly and he very well could with his height and built compared to the tiny frames of the other 2. He felt a hand grab his shoulder and he turned his head slightly to see Ike unsure if that was the right step to take and he nodded without keeping his eyes off Ashley who seemed to be the only one feuding with him, which was a good thing too, lightening his load.

Ike scampered off with the his girlfriend and Zac’s and met Taylor at the doorway just as he stepped out laughing gaily with Selina by his side. He saw the stressed look his brother had on.
“Whats wrong Ike? You look like you’ve just been to war and back’ Taylor amused himself and the still ticklish Selina. Ike positioned himself so Taylor would face in the opposite direction of the struggle, and tried to keep his eyes from wandering to the very eye catching battle behind him, but he lost.

Taylor was about to turn to find out what Ike was so engrossingly peering at.
Taylor was startled by Ike yelling right into his ear. It was a stunt pulled to direct his attention away from the scene. Ike looked at his brother tapping his toes in anticipation to what excuse Ike had to give him for making his bones jump right out of his skin.
“Uh, we gotta take a detour a little bit for today, they have falling tree branches on the main road so uh…we gotta take the small lane’ Ike made up, his head almost falling at that pitiable name of an excuse he gave. Taylor's body kept swerving left and right like he was about to turn but each time Ike would grab his shoulder from turning any more, even when he had no intention in doing so.
“Falling tree branches? You’re acting weird Ike’ Taylor said but wasn’t detemined enough to pester him on about it. They walked to their 6 seater van and when the coast was clear, Zac stopped masquerading as a guard and ran all the way to his jeep taking the long route. He turned his head back and Ashley was obstinately running after him, chasing him for no matter which way he ran, he would still ultimately lead her to the van and Taylor. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him to gain milage from Ashley although he failed to see her sidekick with her.

The car door slammed shut.
“Move over Taylor, sit in the other …’Zac was too much in a critical state to be fussy with sentences. He practically lifted Taylor up and dropped him in the seat next to his. He got himself seated unfinicky about the seatbelts, sitting ½ way on taylor still unremoved lap and away they went. He peeked in the rear view mirror and there was Ashley huffing and puffing away as she stopped running and cursed several obsenities that Zac made out through her lip syncing in the mirror. He saw her throw her fist at him and another undignified part of her hand as she grew to accept that she had lost the fight that time. But that was only one of her trials. There were many more to come and wouldnt all end in failure.
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