‘Zac get off me!’ And as soon as Zac lifted his butt to allow Taylor to regain feeling in his smushed thigh, he had the strength back to resume his grumbling.
“What was that all about? It’s almost as if we were running away from somebody’ and with that Taylor peeked into the rear view mirror, his sight meeting with nothing but a stray mammal he reckoned to be a raccoon scurrying across the street.
“Zac, are you gonna tell me or leave me standing?’ Zac looked flushed, the redness traveling to his hands, temples and neck, seen through his open collared shirt he borrowed from him for the date. His hair was tousled and his eyes watery from rubbing it too much in safety to view the road more clearly after the ample drinks he had to make him tipsy. Some of his long eyelashes were glued to his eyelids from all the tears.
Taylor looked to Ike since his pleading didn’t work with Zac, his head tilted to the site like an adorable kittens but his antics didn’t work with him either. The girls just sat there heavy lipped too, but it wouldn’t matter because they were most probably equally baffled by the whole setting.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.” Ashley cursed under her breath each word louder than the next until Regina caught her eye, making her way overly casually to her like she was taking a stroll in a park.
“And your no fucking help!” Ashley yelled causing Selina to retract a bit and stand still, unsure whether it was wise to walk towards someone with a temper as raging as a bull’s.
“You weren’t even fucking here to help me chase him down” The heated state she was in was obviously evident in the words she used and the pinkish hued that had formed even through her thick layered foundation, and the multi colours she flourished her face with. She bowed down, hands on knees catching her breath and swearing to kill the boy who made her breathe so hard, this time not being from her usual activities of the night.

“Oh god, I’m so tired” Taylor said as he slumped down onto his living room couch at 1am sharp. Zac gave him a thwarted glare from his side. The 3 girls were sent home, all except for Selina who once again declined the offer in respect of her mother being too conservative and strict about boys escorting her home in the wee hours of the morning. Plus she had told her that she was going to pay a visit to her best friend house, maybe a sleepover, she wasn’t sure. Selina was clever in making up lies, and the fact that Selina had left room for a sleepover in her anecdote told Taylor that maybe she wanted a little more than a kiss and a grope from him. After all that was what they had been doing the whole night. Selina had kept nearing Taylor leaving no further a distance of an inch between her face and his, talking seductively and softly, her mint scented breath leaving invisible vapours on his skin, as he felt the warmness make his eyelids fall heavy in coziness, and she tempted him, always teasingly coming close to him as if she was going to plant a kiss on his lips but then steeply diverting her aim towards his ears to tell him some slimy little secret or lewd remark that she didn’t want his brothers hearing.

Diana was lying asleep on the couch, waiting up for taylor till she gave in to her tiredness. He pitied his mother for doing that each time he went out and she knew it too, playing on guilt to make him come home early. He decided not to wake her up, seeing her sleep so peacefully and having all that work waking up at 6 in the morning for the delivery of the roasted turkey to the caterer she was working for, a side job to make ends meet, while the boys were on break for their next album.

“Night Zac, Night Ike’ Taylor saluted and met with the same greetings from his brothers as he retired to his uncommonly darkened room.
‘Mom didn’t leave the light on for me tonight’ he thought. His arms were too limp from weariness to lift it for the light switch and figured it wouldn’t be necessary since he only had to turn it off again once he found his clothing wardrobe for a change. He unbuttoned his shirt one by one as he felt the tiny circular buttons with his hand unaided by his blinded eyes, and bent down to toss his shoes under his shoe rack when he heard a stir. He stood up and twisted his body around to scan his room scantily, impassive to what he saw; everything looking as per normal. He resumed taking off his shirt and prayed he left a pair of boxers under his tight leather pants as it was too cold that night with the rapid chilling breeze to sleep naked. His prayers were answered and he smiled to himself glad that he was going to be in the comforts of his bed in a matter of seconds and then expectantly plopped himself into the bed. He felt a few lumps under his ordinarily intact bed just before he heard a mumble followed by a muffled scream.
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