“Mfmmfhm” she mumbled beneath the sheets she had pulled over her head.
Tay tried to focus his sight as hard as he could, imaginarily pushing his pupils to the limit to adapt to the darkness so he could take care of the situation the best way he see fit. The covers were fluttered down, Tay enterprisingly lowering them to make out what manner of creature or otherwise was hiding underneath his comforter. His eyes were still bleary and as his iris’s started to get used to the dark, they met with another pair, that belonging to the cheeky looking Susan who had her hands accidentally griping onto Tay's pert butt.
“Tay, you’re lying on me! You big buffalo’ Susan pretended to be offended with the load lying atop of her petite measly skeletal structure, but made no effort in pushing him off or even budge from her entrapped position underneath. She was enjoying this, oh yes she was, the moonlight gleaming on Tay's face making her eyes adjust much faster than his. He looked beautiful, the moonlight bequeathing him a romantic glow as his face bathed in a shade of silvery blue and his eyes sparkled with even more intense colour under the hazy bluish light. She had wanted this to happen all along, waiting surreptitiously under his sheets for him to arrive home and waited until he got semi nude before allowing herself to disrupt the splendid feel of the moment. She had it all mastered out in a plot to proficiency, probably even darkened the room so he couldn’t see and drugged his mother so not a peep could escape her lips to warn him of his predator in his bedroom.

Tay rolled off her to the side.
“Susan? What are you doing here?’ the words finally managed a release off his chest.
“Didn’t your mom tell you? I’ll be staying here for a few days while my dads out in England for his job.”
“Oh…Well…. She did mention something about it’ He scratched his head remembering the reason he was interested in triple dating in the first place.

“Well, that’s ok, ill just sleep in the hall” Tay said grabbing one of his pillow to leave.
“Oh, why? Getting bashful all of a sudden?” Susan winked at Tay as she looked at him from her lowered head at an angle. “We’ve done plenty more than sleep together Tay. Oh pardon the pun,” she added on, making him roll his eyes continuously at her.
He stuck the pillow he took under his arm and strode straight down to the hall, without giving her a second look, frustrated at her many attempts at bringing up the past again and making him blush knowing the ease of such frequency due to his timid nature. Tomorrow was going to be another day and a long day at that with Susan to deal with. Ruthless Su…..Sleep took him.

“Wakey wakey sleepy head” she said as she intrusively snatched the pillow he was hugging. He hung on to it not wanting to wake up having gone to bed just 6 hours ago. He needed his beauty rest if he were to get rid of his eye bags for the coming show at Oklahoma City in a few days time. But as plight has it, Susan was scheduled to hang around like a leach for another 1 week. He decided to save his soul and distance himself away from her to keep from falling into her web of temptation. No bait was needed, she would jump on him full on, unrestraint of any shyness most girls would feel towards a rock star that sought after. Why? Cause she was Ruthless Susan and the fury seen in here eyes, when another girl shook his hand or posed for a picture with him could frighten away the devils. She had no pity, tact, compassion or leeway when it came to her man.

‘Just in case you’ve forgotten, your mom told me to remind you that she took the kids to the new dinosaur exhibition that opened downtown this morning.’ She said offering taylor a smile that told him there was a plan that complimented his mothers ingeniously, locked up somewhere under that overly curled and tampered with, dyed to damage excuse of a hairdo of hers. He sighed inwardly praying that his brother’s presence would still be his saving grace from isolation with his worst nightmare.
‘Oh and Zac's accompanying Ike to that counting crows concert. Yes that’s today too’ she added sadistically when she noted the distressed look Tay was already owning. He was devastated, the free ticket Ike had spare totally slipped his mind. He was going to be left all alone in what now seemed to be a scary looking darkened house void of light, practically sound proof from the 80 acre barren land encircling his estate, disposing him vulnerable to whatever ‘yummilicious’ treats Susan had in store for him. He was desperate, he had to find a rat hole to crawl his wimpy spineless self into.
‘This estate is reasonable large, I’m sure if I make myself obscure, I will be’ he regained composure in comforting himself.

The phone rang. He listened to the tone at first, deadening to his senses due to its regularity but then he saw the profiteering in it. This was his chance to beat it, to flee and disappear from sight while his mistress of horror attended to what needed be. It was in her job description. He had heard his mother mentioning it to her in the pits of his sleep in the common room where he slept that night. ‘Just answer the phone calls and make sure taylor doesn’t get himself into any trouble’ Susan knew what he was thinking, her eyes shifting frantically with thoughts of indecisiveness from him to the right, the dining hall where the source of the ringing was coming from. She stalled so much proportioning her thoughts that it finally came to her senses how much time she was using for it and ran without a choice to shorten the delayed response to the ringing phone. He took that as a signal to make his move and backed out towards the sturdy oak front door, his suspicious gaze still hooked on that empty spot where she left, in a way making sure that she didn’t return quickly enough. Once he was sure he was close enough, he twisted the knob and made off into the open pastures of his enormously huge front yard.
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