‘Good show, Tay’, congratulated one of the many loyal sucker upper girl fans of his who had taken her place flocking around him like he was the only member of Hanson.
‘Hey, we’re in the band too, you know’ Zac mused as he winked in the direction of the pretty Barbie doll blonde forgetting that he had invited his very own attachment to the party as well, who very conveniently was lingering a few feet from him fully aware of his flirtations. Lethargic from the fan weaning, he and Ike stood around pretending to be occupied with trivialities, waiting for someone to show them at least one fifth of the attention that was showered on Tay. They shifted aimlessly from leg to leg, twiddling their thumbs, secretly hoping there was a girl left in the world that wasn’t overwhelmed and possessed by Tay’s good looks. There was a pretty brunette helping him hold his water bottle which unknown to her had mistakenly been filled with beef stew. Again. Which by the way would be customarily found missing by the end of the session. A redhead patting his sweat cloth ever so gently over his forehead as if his perspirations itself were honey droplets. He swore he saw her hold it over her mouth for a few moments, and a slithery red tongue slide out from behind it. Hanson had the craziest fans. And the flattery spewing blonde who had showed no reciprocation to his earlier thought-to-be suave mannerisms was laughing her head off at the slightest tendon of tay humour. The superficiality of it all didn’t seem to make any difference to ego maniacal, self-absorbed Tay, gleefully lost in the smothering abounds him.

‘Let the party begin!.’ one of the guys shouted from behind the dividing bracket and the lights were dimmed and a version of Mmmbop played under the spinning disco ball, the base old school remix from their ‘I will come to you’ single.

‘Where’s Susan?’ Ike questioned puzzled at the girl’s discrepancy in punctuality when it was obvious that a better prospect than this wouldn’t come along ever in a million years. Even if an earthquake were to cause the earth to swallow up the population of the world and she and Tay were the only two people left, it still wouldn’t matter.
‘She must have gone though leaps and bounds planning for tonight. Shes probably still in her laboratory hotwiring the cables to get life pumping through her again. Hahahahaha’ Zac broke into fits of laughter. It was obvious the despise he felt for her contrasting her to frankenstein, but if the only way to separate Tay from his immediate expiration and his was by holding back a few disses, then his mouth was glued shut for the night.

‘Spike the punches’


‘Spike the beer’


‘Spike the dip’


‘Present the boootiful Susan to Tay….Check’ She smiled gluttonously, and she point blank aimed Tay who was standing in the corner cordially entertained by his lovely lady friends, with her blood shot menacing eyes. She took a step forward and then quickly bulleted back and grabbed the half empty bottle of whisky incase the alcohol level still proved unsatisfactory to her aid. Her brain deficient accomplice had practically intoxicated anything that was remotely fluid within a square mile of Taylor. She thought the heck with it and streamed a generous amount extra into the punch. Now all that was left was the approach.

‘Hi Taylor,’ Susan greeted as she smiled coyly at him from the right side of her face, her photogenic side.
‘Uh…Hi Susan,’ Taylor said almost as happy as seeing his aunt Rebetta with her bad breath.
‘Here I brought a drink for you in case you were thirsty,’ she said and virtually mechanized tays hand into holding it.
‘Thanks,’ he retracted back timidly in shock and from her aggressive show of character, almost spilling her poisoned concoction.
‘Can I talk to you for a sec, Tay?’ she pulled him aside without giving him much of a choice. He strode unsteadily between the girls careful not to trip over their toes or spill anything on them, servilely guided by the tie she was pulling him by. Fancy his fashion statement backfiring on him. She led him to the back of the room where it was darker and more shaded from the public eye , her left hand behind her back stealthily holding onto the brandy.
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