She looked at him totally over the hill stoned and unaware of his surroundings, his vulnerable state making him a pillar of attention that just craved female companionship. That put aside her possessiveness for him long enough to let her begrudging side lead amok. With the amount of alcohol she fed him today, if this didn’t falter him, then nothing would. There was no point fooling herself that he would ever fall for her, cause at the rate this was going, she never stood a chance and never would anyway. An alternative was in the making.

‘Tay meet Jeanine’ Susan introduced a sizzling blonde hair blue-eyed babe as she brought her up to him like a subject to her king. His acknowledgement or should we say lack of it caused her excitement in her star meeting to dwindle. Aggravated, Susan snatched his limp hand and stretched it out to the girl to get him moving.

‘Oh hi, sorry I’m a little….’ He drifted off, his eyes frozen in outer space like he was trying to think of the word to describe himself, and then given up out of drunken exhaustion.
‘Drunk?’ she helped him.
‘Yeah…sorry’, he smiled charmingly. ‘Hi, I’m taylor’ He finally took the initiative as the weight left Susan’s grip and shook by itself. The spark of interest glinting in his eyes said more than words. She was satisfied with the new kinship she had presented him with and left the rest to the workings of Jeanine’s magic.

They laughed riots and exchanged what seemed to be knock knock jokes, pretty evidential that neither of them were capable of understanding a punch line if it drew simplistic meaning of itself and hit them square in the face. They were in drunken utopia. Maybe just partial perfection for Jeanine. She still had enough sense to remember her promise to Susan, not that her promise counted for much. She had heard that Tay still hadn’t surrendered his self-righteousness and took pride among other things in being the first to help in his advancement to the ‘other side.’

‘Follow me, Tay,’ she lugged his arm in force since he took no heed to her vocal encouragement. He in turn didn’t seem any less ready. Too stoned to recognize his own name sounded about right.

He hunched droopily as his feet took him in a disjointed line of path. His eyes almost shut to hide the state of edging comatose he was in as she led him to the peace of the back rooms.

‘Here we are, Taylor,’ she repeated, this time with his name in full in case his semi-deadness self failed to recognize short cuts. It simply knocked into his eardrums and bounced off into another part of earth, somewhere he wasn’t. As light as a feather, a singular touch to his chest was all needed to send him falling like a log backwards into the epitome of satin sheets doom.

Without consent or prior warning, Jeanine lunged full on for Tay's lips. In any normal circumstances, Tay would have retracted or at least disagreed fluidly with a complete strangers come-ons. His mind said no but his stature was in no power, not to mention stamina to meet accordingly. Her face was hidden behind the outline of Tays if seen from a different camera angle viewing which by the looks of his stagnant posture signaled so resistance. She had him like putty in her hands now. He had it predicted where they were headed and knew there was no turning back in the ‘hardly able to lift finger’ totally drunken state he was in. He outstretched his free hand which was still left to be pinned down to the drawer beside him where his protection from a do or die marriage was usually kept and desperately felt around for a knob. In all this drowsiness, he would not forget those safe sex talks his parents lectured him countless times for. She backed away mumbling a cheesy cliché line or two as she captured his hand in hers disapprovingly before he had chance to proceed. With all his might to fight for his one and only request, he managed a ‘but’ from his lips before it was once again kept silent. His mind yielded to surrender. It was too tiring to fight the alcohol, the weight of his body and her all at the same time.

She heard frivolous yelling’s from the party downstairs and realised that she had left her hand on the chopping board by leaving the door wide open, potential for any of his teeny admirers to feast their eyes on and report, and fast as she could, got off him so as not to let her one minute of release divert him from the moment, her goal or more precisely her entrapment and went to shut the door.
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