Chapter 22

'Selina, in my office now! Serious talk,' Selina didn't like the sound of that. It was in the kind of ominous tone Madame used when you know you're in for it, deep trouble and equally predictable was that it was bound to have been caused by one of them two-bit sisters of hers.

Opening the door, before Selina could even take her placement on a seat, she felt a dull heavy object bounce off her chest with a brusing hardness and drop onto the floor with a 'plunk'. As her eyes travelled downwards, she recognized her heart-shaped locket, which had gone missing along with its wearer since a couple of days back, only instead of 1 locket, there now laid 2 separate parts. The loosened hinges had split the 2 pictured heart sides apart when it got smashed onto the floor. The right hand side where Taylor's picture was framed had its glass casing shattered into pieces, so it formed a crystalline mess at the base of her feet. She blank stared at it foreseeing it as a sign between her and Taylor, where they were headed, praying it was just a mere coincidence. She bent down to pick it up but Madams foot moved to step over it, preventing her from carrying out her savioury enactment. And then she heard a crunch. Her heart went with it.

The primary objective of Madame's hearing though completely dismissed by Selina as she was more concerned about her precious gift then the rule broken by it, but it was soon to be snapped back into her with harsh realization and even harsher banning.

Madame Priscilla exposed Selina's secret love affair, bit by bit. It seems that it had been known way before Selina's expectations, only they were waiting for material proof till everything would be confronted, for she revealed things that Selina was encertained no one could have a preview to due to the privacy of a factor, be it location such as the interior of Taylor's house, etcetera. Madame Priscilla might as well had been Ashley's doppelganger since everything that Ashley ever found out, spilled from Madame Pricilla's mouth instead. Only the works of Ashley could result in such invasive spying. The only difference was that Ashley's temper wasn't near half as explosive as Madame's. If there was a parade on in the room right now, Madame Pricilla's reprimanding would have represented the fireworks, which was probably why Ashley took pride in reporting any form of disobeyance to her, because madam knew how to tenfold it through punishment. Selina hadn't the space to get mad, Madame filling it up for her, leaving Selina feeling what they wanted her to, repentful reflection.

'Crossing the rules. How many times do I have to tell you that the trick of the trade is to not let yourself fall for your clients? You've been warned time and time again and this time is the last,' she continued and finally abruptly rested her vocal chords, with such suddenness that her last words could almost be heard echoing through the walls. All was quiet as a mouse. Selina from the dreaded anticipation of what was to become of her and madam from her infliction of fear in her misconducted, stubborn, ill-disciplined subject, whether it adhered to the purity of the words coming from a whore house slut or not. When the silence served its role in Madame's execution, she made eye contact with Selina, with such menace that it failed to console her any.

'Selina, you wont be doing escorting anymore, its time to move on to the real deal'
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