Chapter 23

Selina could feel herself settling down to her all time favourite, too frequent visitor as of late, mental breakdown. Madame's words had hit her like a ton of bricks. She wanted to cry, to throw a tantrum, to scream and shout, to run away, to isolate herself, but she didn't succumb to any of that. She just stood there statuesque-like deep in contemplation. What was she to do? How could she ever face Taylor again with dirty laundry behind her back? Before it was only first degree escorting, now it was full blown prostitution. But most importantly how could she not love Taylor. It was even stated in the clause as the number one rule 'fall in love with a client and you will be dealt with more harshly than any other misdeed' If only there was some tiny misread print that said that the method to correct the offence was by selling her body, she would not have hated herself and everyone so much.

She tried to make herself see things from their perspective, cause the change was too much for her to take right then. Whether applicable to the clause or not, love was a lawbreaker, an uncontrollable, addictive, consuming gush of feeling that left your heart, body and soul fighting for everything and anything. It was for the best, she thought, why else would it be so rigidly prohibited, and any rule breaker was bound to be something bad. Plus she signed it under contract. They owned her. 

If only somebody would give her a lead on the path to take, cause as much as she tried to transfer to their side, she couldn't bear imagining a world without Taylor. Or at least a guidance that might sooth her tormenting immobility. Quit the whorehouse, her bread and butter for Taylor or quit Taylor, her soul mate for the whorehouse. It was either one or the other. The latter being a more unstable option because of his seclusion from the single most important fact about herself, that she was a prostitute. How would Taylor react to the truth or was she going to live in a lie forever? It was all askew.

She knew that any answers that might be extracted from her whore mates would result in the analogous reply to stay behind. Selina was easy money for them. Unlike the others, she had a certain grace and eloquence to her that the usual off the streets free-shows hadn't and which client wouldnt desire a woman like that? Madame was kettling to the brim so any converses with her would probably shoot her up to boiling point.

'Gail,' she thought. She was more of a mother than any Love Paradise promoter.
'What am I going to do?'
Gail looked at her with with graying concern.
'I'm sure Ashley has something to do with something, especially since she called Taylor the other day'
'She what?' Selina was shocked and anxiety attacked. Numerous images swarmed her head as she tried to search and pin the rational of a complexity in their relationship on Ashley's interference, but due to time limit, she wasn't able to fit any. It took her a minute or two to reorganize her thoughts, and as she did, she gained an insight. What Ashley did was against the rules as well and that was how her rule-breaking self managed to demote from escort to whore. Messing with another sister's client was the second most offensive rule breaker. Ashley was always meddling with her affairs, perhaps it was time for her to have a taste of her own medicine. She glanced at Gail to see whether she caught on to the idea which was duly repaid by a sly grin.

'I'll take care of it,' she winked and without need for wordiness, guaranteed the demise of Ashley's mischief with a nod of her head.
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