Chapter 24

"All my children are going to hell!' I specifically told her to keep away from her sister's clients. She will be dealt with.' They knew that Madame was already infuriated with Selina's disseverance so this was the right time to bring on Ashley's case to pile up on the heatedness of Madame's anger so the punishment would be more vicious than if she was at a calm level. Then Ashley would really get it. Unfortunately that was the last they heard of this issue and what punishment befell her. Either way, Gail trusted Madame's professionalism in such handlings and smiled contentedly at their revenge tactic.

The locket was a gone case. The glass covering manufactured of an irreplaceable surface. There was still the cat but since the day of her job switch, her cat has performed a disappearing act on her.

'I'm pregnant,' Jeanine said nonchalantly.
'What?! Are you serious? Jean when we told you to make him forget about Selina, we didn't mean for you to go get knocked up!' Zac stressed, looking up at the sky as if the back of his neck was too weak to hold his head up and covered his right hand over it to suggest melodramatic faintness. They should have known better than to lay aside their past problems instead of confronting them. All abandoned problems were dormant and now it had erupted with a whole new set of problems following up.
'I was feeling a little bloated so I went to get a check-up and yep, positive,' she confirmed with such easy-goingness that it jolted both the brothers into further irritancy and aggravation
'Holy…' Isaac joined in with the strain. And as if the brothers weren't jumpy enough with anxiety, she had to add,' So… when are we getting hitched?'

'Selina..Madame told you to empty the waste basket or its going to overflow with trash, and then we can plaster the walls with trash cause there's enough in there to make wallpaper' Juliet joked. It didn't seem to cheer her spirits one notch, as she walked dejectedly like a wilted flower to the kitchen pantry to the black dented trash can sitting displaced in the same awkward position in the kitchen. She remembered all those times Ashley had cornered her into that very same corner till she tripped over and fell backwards butt wise into the trashcan, only to hear her demonic laughter finish off the trick again. And to think she would have learnt her lesson after being fooled ten plus times or so.

Taking off the lid, she almost jumped out of her skin. Much like the totally abused, fur-stripped, castrated, missing limbed, ear hollowed, dead kitten lying mutilated on top of everything else. One in two bet, it had been placed there on purpose, so her eyes wouldn't miss the disgusting display of abuse brought on indisputably by the revengeful Ashley and gang, Wicked, wicked bitches. Talk about the devil, and the devil to describe her was more pinpoint precise than the proverb will ever know. 2 tears slid down her porcelain smooth skin, and dropped onto the cat with slow motion ease. She knew it was coming. Ashley wasn't the type to let anything go and after her last smite, she knew retribution was on its way and it would be bad. She respectfully lifted up her dead feline companion and went to the backyard to give it a proper burial, when her deliberations turned to Taylor. The gift was from him, and she wondered if in a way, this signified her beautiful blooming relationship with Taylor was over, buried 6 feet deep and done with, like she had done with the earlier analogy of the locket. Two corresponding signs by the only two gifts he has presented, pointing to the same thing. Spoilage and death. If it did mean something, it had to be that the before the relationship was going downhill and now or soon death to it will come, upsetting as it is. Selina was superstitious and this symbol terrified the wits out of her. Besides that, every time a present from him met its end, she noticed a part of her memory and fondness went along with it, and this was the last scrap of his contribution. Had he been completely forgotten and was what she was left with nothing but an empty shell of what he was? She did feel something but was it for him or was it just a feeling?

She had nothing on her plate now. Nothing she loved. Not the whorehouse, that was her living. Not the people who supported her in there, there were her user buddies. All of them did stuff for her cause they wanted her to scratch their backs twice as hard. Now not Taylor, cause he was 'against the rules'.

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