Chapter 26

'Did I tell you Im pregnant with 'the' Taylor Hanson's baby?' Jeanine squealed. 'My only wish to carry my hubby to be someday's baby'
'You're what? How did that happen?' Nes, a friend of Jeanines spoke up.
'Well it was all thanks to his brothers. They set me up, challenged me to laying him'
'His brothers? Are you kidding me?'
'Cant wait to convey the happy news to him'

'Did you know that Jeanine is carrying Taylor Hanson's baby?' Nes spread the news.
'Pfft, oh please, what makes you think its his?' Louis snubbed Jeanine's inane ideologies and dismissed it to her teeny bopper craziness over the drop dead gorgeous rock star.
'The urine test came up blue and they did it party night,' saying it like Jeanine's accomplishment weighed more than the problem with her pregnancy. Jeanine was no different. To her it was bait.

'Regina, did you know that Taylor Hanson knocked up some girl?' Louise continued with the destructive distribution of the top secret information but this time, it hit on a dangerous spot. Regina was assistant to Ashley and from that, it was almost encertain that some form of wrecking would reenact.

Selina entered the privacy of her little chamber at the top level where personable quarters and clean sheets were ready made and in abundance, much unlike the condition of the lower rooms. The surrounding peace allowed her thoughts to seize control of her once again.

One thing for sure, she couldn't see Taylor anymore. Her heart wouldn't let her. She couldn't look at his face and lie through her teeth anymore, knowing that she meant the world to him. She could lie to him before, why couldn't she now? Had she ascended to another level of her relationship with him? Had she gone from crush to real love? It seemed like the longer she dwelled on the subject, the deeper in debt she seemed to be. Her sorting of priorities prolonged when there was a knock of the door and a twist of the knob. It was her Madame, obscure and dim. She stood at the doorway where the darkness from the inside casted against her completely so none of her features could be seen except her height and silhouette. Selina recognized her petite stoutness instantly. The voluptuous, petite, Betty Boob outward appearance would be the best way to describe her figure. It was hard to miss plus it was the body she grew to love.

As she stepped into the light lid by the lampshade on the night stand, the brightness revealed the disaster that had taken place on her arms, face, forelegs and whichever part that was availably visible and uncovered by attire. Brutally assaulted by another one of her clients again, she looked like a quarry of land minds. She gestured Selina into the shadows with her. Selina couldn't keep her eyes off the deep bleeding cuts that were streaked across her arms like zebra strips as the closing of proximity had enlightened. Priscilla related the change of plans to her. Selina was not to go into prostitution just yet, thankfully. As discussed, Gail had caught Ashley trying to disrupt Selinas business by a tarnishing the one dynamic that kept him coming back as a repeat customer, namely his ignorance. With her it was all strictly business. Selina would have never referred to her relationship with Taylor a business nor would she call Taylor a customer. Therefore as an allowance for the hardships caused by Ashley, she was let back to escort freedom, for the mean time. So it wasn't the last they'd hear of the subject after all, only this time, as inconceivable as it seems to be associated with Ashley, the result came in a good way. The plan worked, Selina was saved, and for once the transgressions of Ashley bit her back in the ass. But before Selina could start jumping for joy, she was told there were conditions to the compromise. As tough a decision as it was because of the hefty inflow of cash, the alteration were to proceed only if Selina were to drop her present client and never see him again. Selina felt her heart drop again or was it rise as she felt a interminable lump in her throat, but then it smacked her in the head, as the idea transitioned from undesirable to doable. She could sneak out in the middle of the night for a clandestine rendezvous with him, and hopefully her tiptoeing were dexterous enough not to awake the vultures. No one would ever know or even try to nose in because of the house-wide conviction that he was gone from her life, and she would be free to love him again. It sounded like the solution to all her problems. She agreed fervently careful not to seem overly enthusiastic so as not to give away her secret betrayal. She knew she felt an ambiguity about the love she felt for Taylor but she wanted that freedom to meet him if whenever the need arose. But enough about her, she focused on the horrendous state of her Madame instead.

'One of them filthy bastards did this to you again? I oughta..'
'No, no. It's alright. I can handle it. Some clients just tend to be rougher than others,' she covered up for him, not wanting anyone to cause any shortages of money for the firm just for a couple of minute bruises. Rough wasnt justified enough to describe the gruesome mess she had inflicted onto her by her clients nor did minute for the bruises, and the worst thing was that she never seemed to heal completely every time one of those sado-masochistic roleplayers beat the living life out of her. So she'd return the same as before, only with additional scars to add on. She might as well have been a leprosy sufferer from the indescribable damage done to her skin. Slicings, blue blacks, swipes, scratches were all part of her collection of batterings.

'Mam, I think..'Selina tried to be as accommodative as possible.
'No, I'll handle it myself,' she stubbornly stood her ground and with that removed herself from the security of Selina's comfy bedroom back to activities untold. Selina didn't know whether to rejoice for her freedom from sluthood or to mourn for the sorry state of her Madame. It kind of balanced itself out and she walked away neutralized and apathetic. Although her feelings were mellow, her head wasn't completely brain dead though, conjuring ideas she could use to ease some of her Madames hurting.
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