Chapter 27

'Hey Selina,' greeted Regina. She seemed pretty harmless today but even though she was just an apprentice to Ashley, trusting her was the furthest deed from her mind. She was lying down sideways on one of the red sofas in the main room, with her hand supporting her head up, which Selina predicted must have weighed more than a bowling ball with all her sneaky ideas stored up in there, and if so Ashley's must have weighed the mass of a wrecking ball. She smiled, on the verge of laughter.
'Hi Reg, whats up?' Selina casually greeted back, waiting to see what Regina had for her this time.
Regina rubbed her hands together, thinking the smile and returned greeting meant that she had gained a tad of Selina's trust when her assumption was in actuality all awry, so she proceeded to doing a word commonly bounded to her superior, plundering.

'Oh nothing, just sitting around.. so you must feel sad huh since you actually feel something for the guy,' Regina begin.
'Sad? Huh? Who?' Selina bombarded questions, as her barriers fell, and she felt left out, expecting something unpalatable had happened to Taylor.

'Isn't he YOUR client? But then I guess he wouldn't tell you he knocked some girl up since you two are dating and stuff,' Regina pride herself again and again in picking up all these marvelous swindling skills and the power to manipulation of speech to effect from her godly mentor.

'Got some girl pregnant? I don't believe it. I'm going to ask him,' Selina retaliated, forgetting about her promise to Madame Priscilla, as she rushed to the wireless phone hanging on the wall, slightly upheaved. She needed an answer now or this new piece of information would be killing her like a cat. As far as she knew, she was the only one for him as he had repeatedly assured and he was continually demonstrating his trustworthiness. Just when she was given legroom to love him again, another something had to happen.

'You can try to yank it out of him but do you really think hes going to tell you the truth?' Regina further sublimed the drama.
The phone line was dead, both to the call and her curiosity. She dialed again.5231167, exasperated this time.
'Taylor, why?' came the stern demand without so much as a 'hi'.
'Selina, is that you? Why what?' Taylor choked back bemused by the sudden show of aggression when he knew her as an ordinarily good natured sweetheart. She would never raise her voice, especially not to him.
'Are you just going to pretend you didn't knock some bitch up?' she further surprized him. She was fuming mad at Taylor's perceived denial.
'What? Are you kidding me? Where'd you get an idea like that. You're the one I love and only you,' Taylor tried to disguise the nervousness in his voice with the anger of being falsely accused, but he knew he was guilty even though not for getting her pregnant. He did sleep with her. He remembered the morning he awoke with a totally cladless Jeanine lying atop of him and how he scrambled out of there without even getting cleaned up first. He looked worse than a vagabond on the streets, taking chilling short cuts here and there in the middle of a not so reputable neighbourhood to get to his car. Lesson learnt to park ones car within vicinity no matter how classy and brand new ones car is. Plus he had since known of Jeanines reputation and something that gossip worthy would have spread like wildfire by now but he had yet to hear of it so to him everything was a okay.
Selinas on the other hand, fell for it. The professed sincerity in his voice opened little need for a repeat question, and to her, he always managed to sooth her nerves no matter in what small way. It was the things like this that made her love him. And finally, the long awaited test had derived a result. It was true love she felt for him, and now there was a side for her to take, hers. But if only she knew that her concealment wasn't a one way deal. Each was keeping something from the other but both were unidentified, leaving the two of them in the same position but in anguish and torment from thinking they were not.

She dropped the subject naively assured that Taylor would never lie to her. Ashley appeared out of nowhere and seized the receiver from Selina's hand midway between speech and slammed it down oppressively.
'That means no talking to your client either,' she smirked with a glint in her eye. She had heard and were too quick to rub it in her face. Selina was about to make a civil retaliation when a shriek came from the direction of the second storey, the quarters Madame usually used.
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