Chapter 29

'So who's going to run Love Express now?' Ashley asked unfeelingly, rubbing her hands together as if ready to take a big BIG bite.
'Ashley, how can you talk about such things when Madame just passed yesterday,' scolded one of the older sisters, lowering her voice cause of the sensitivity of the issue.
'Well, someone has to run it right? So we might as well get it done now,' she struck back, loud as ever.
Everyone could discern that she was partly right but held their respect to not follow in her order. Ashley goaded by the stillness, brought the topic up again.
'So what's the deal?'

'Madame said that her inheritor will be decided by the main branch. They've heard the news about her, sent their condolences along with a promise of a new manager by tomorrow,' a sister took up the task of informing her since she had called the headquarters a day before. The ruddiness of Ashley's aura was building, the fury. The lost of another form of power for this control freak, and this time there was no way to swerve and veer around it because the head branch meant top authority and who was she to play with them.

'Taylor, Taylor. I didn't know you were so naughty,' that flying monkey of a witchy Wizard of Oz woman tried to attract his attention which she never seemed to be successful in doing before. He must have blended her into the air, she thought. Similarly, like the shadow that wont stop following you, she had refused to return to her own home, not that there was brave enough to to ask, but she was still lingering around, no matter how many of Taylor's subtle or obvious hints that she had overstayed her welcome. But she was never one to give up easily.

'Yeah,' he said trying to sound as disinterested as possible, wishing he had a fly swatter or the phone would ring or something. With the number of metaphors he had coined to describe Susan, he could have written a book.

'I know your little secret Taylor,' she found it a healthy challenge actually, trying to get a famous celebrity to notice her.
Taylor's eyes were still punched into the newspaper. He was fully capable of disputing the fact that he didn't have any deep, dark secrets so whatever she heard was probably the tabloids, and then he remembered. Oh no. To make matters worse, she started humming to the tune of 'I'm horny' by Mouse T. She knew. He knew, she knew.

'Susan, don't make more trouble for me, I'm already swarmed with them,' he returned to his pursuance of the newspaper article he was reading about scientists discovering a giant squid, pretending to seem impassive to the new perilous piece of information she had so as to dissuade her in going around spreading it. Heaven forbid she were acquainted with Selina. Susan on the other hand had this cheeky 'I'm in power so bow before me and be my slave or I'll smite you' look on her face, but her lips were still zip locked. It irked and scared Taylor a hint, as he caved to the influence of her toothy hush-hush persuasion, his trepidation continuing to grow.

'OK, what do you want from me,' he evoked a still in-charge tone but from the lucidity of his voice and his stuttering, she could hear he was now frantic, most probably at the course of Selina finding out. She had seen her one or twice vaguely whenever she stopped by to so to pick him up for their date.

Sarah knew her refrainment from the release of the truth she had, she would drive him up the wall, whether he was sentient of it or not. The tables were turned now as much as Taylor refused to acknowledge it, she could see it in his eyes, the way instead of looking at everything but her as always, his eyes was intently plastered on her and nothing else, his eyebrows furrowed as if in worry and his physique taut in anticipation. The ball was in her court but she already had a motive cornered.

'Be my date coming prom,' she stated confidently, knowing that it was easy cake for Taylor to fulfill, and it wasn't in his ability to reject.

'And the secret will stay just between the two of us right?' Taylor wanted confirmation, now meeker in his vocal modem to her.

'Indeedo weedo,' she grinned in an indeterminable fashion but she always looked cunning so this time around, it was hard to distinguish whether she was smiling cause she had a second motive hidden or she really meant what she said. That being a one in fifty chance so it was a fools dare, and looks like Taylor incurred the role.
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