‘Hey, Taylor’s birthday’s in 2 days, what shall we get him?’ Zac whispered to Ike.
‘Are we gonna make it one of those I don’t remember your birthday kind of thing?’ Zac asked busting his brains to come up with a viable suggestion.
‘How about one of those escort things? He’s been feeling rather lonely lately. You see how he’s like when we talk about our girlfriends. We’ll just tell him it’s a blind date’ Ike proposed, always the one to be quick with the brilliant ideas.
‘Why don’t we just hook him up with one of our friends?’ Zac asked.
‘Cause what’s the fun in that? Lets see how far those escort ladies will take him’ Ike said.
‘You know, mom will kill us if she find out’, Zac warned, the beating of his drums had stopped to talk to Ike in all seriousness.
‘Who’s gonna tell her? You? Me? And I’ll make it certain she doesn’t’ Ike argued, his practicing also stopped.
“What are you guys discussing down there?’ Taylor purposely asked as if he didn’t know but he knew. It had to be his birthday as they had done year after year in secrecy.

The cold spews of water came down as torrents of ice onto her skin. She shivered as her mommy or so she asked her to call her, scrubbed her down hard to rid her of the years of accumulation of grime and gruel which almost would have been stuck to her skin permanently if she hadn’t washed her as thoroughly as she had. Selina looked at her, years of negligence and disregard for her body as she laid the physical status of her body in the hands of another each night. Marks of beatings lay displayed all over her legs, arms and back. Was that the direction she was headed? Only her mommy could answer that question, but she looked so engrossed in what she was doing, that to interrupt her with idle questions seemed rude. Her feelings soon became numbed to the freezing water and then it wasn’t so bad anymore, so she just let her mommy take care of the task.

‘Who’s that I spy?’ Ike made fun of Zac’s girlfriend whom just days ago he had thought to be long gone.
‘Yeah yeah, don’t you have something better to do Ike?’ Zac hinted that he wanted to be alone.
‘Hi Taylor’ Fanny greeted with an up tone since he looked so woebegone. He merely smiled and quickly passed her to adjourn to his room upstairs.
Zac offered Ike a unanimous wink. Both of them agreed that he needed a female companion.

‘OK, your first job’ Madame Priscilla cackled
‘Not bad, with a Hanson. They are paying big bucks for this so don’t screw it up’ she said her voice taking on a harsh tone as it was their big break and she didn’t want it ruined by a newbie but she had to keep to her promise and give her the 1st escort service job that came along.

She was dressed and made up to perfection by what was now called her sisters. They wanted her to be just dashing for their 1 big customer they hope to become a repeat client after this date. After all Hanson surely had many important functions to attend and would need a partner in most of them or they would be left out from the majority who did.

Ding Dong. The doorbell rang. His brothers told him that she would come pick him up instead, making an excuse that she didn’t want to divulge the whereabouts of her house for some personal reasons. Taylor thought it was because she might be a celebrity, Jennifer love Hewitt or Cindy Crawford he hoped.

Avery ran to open the door, followed by Taylor behind her quickly shooing her away. As his eyes rose from Avery, he was blown away by the sight before him. A bluish sparkly gown with matching earrings and shoes. The girl was spectacular, her long eyelashes framed her chocolaty brown eyes and her long black flowing hair now washed of all the grease, grazed her bum and it swayed slightly as the evening breeze carried its pitch blackness into the night.

‘The gate guard had to chauffeur me in here. He said if I walked I wouldn’t even reach here tomorrow’ she said of her experience.
Taylor laughed. A girl with a sense of humour. He looked at her and even though she wasn’t the most beautiful girl in the world, no Cindy Crawford or Jennifer Love Hewitt, he felt immensely attracted to her and the fact that he didn’t know why made him blame it on chemistry.
‘I’m Taylor’ he introduced himself.
‘I’m Selina’
He never heard of a name that exotic before and didn’t fail to question her about it.
‘That’s cause I’m of a mixed blood’ came her reply. Her voice had a natural cheerfulness about it even when she said normal mundane stuff. It made Taylor feel uplifted and happy being around her.
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