Chapter 30
'Love Express?' stepped up to the main counter. The woman gave her a once over and replied with her usual robotic receptionist welcome message.

'I'm here to see Selina…' came the countdown to another rumple in Selina and Taylor's love lives. If ever Susan and Ashley were to form a pair, they could detroy the world with unstoppable effortlessness.
With the mention of the name of that blessed jealousy-invoking sister, the receptionist Juliet perked up. Not many of the sisters adored her because most of their big bucked businesses were ceded over to her. She was too pretty, too Miss Personality, too everything and clients requested for her by the herds. Plus from Susan's tone, she had something cooked up that would probably be in their favour. Susan seeing there was a similar grudgeance among them realized that maybe she wouldnt have to try to accomplish her goals on her own after all. Her plan had just bloomed into a more grandiose manifestation. 

'Everyone greet out new Mistress, Madame Ursula,'
The second sight touched on her, one couldn't help but to shiver in inferiority and worship, just like how subjects were supposed to behave in the presence of Mistresses. No longer in the petite frame of their old Mistress, this woman was huge in comparison, loomingly tall, much more vital and take-charge looking and one can only imagine the punishment such a highly empowered nemesis would inflict when Madame Pricilla was already stricter than normal. She went to sit after a few straight-faced nods of the head for her introduction, her movements poised, slick and cat-like, on one of the lush cushions beside the counter, supporting that very pert, well-formed posterior of hers. She was dainty yet exerted confidence and authority, and that was her special something, that left everyone gawking. She was a true blue Mistress, from the BDSM faculty with certainty. She looked so untouchable. Stares of awe were almost inculcated within them as they studied her in precision detail., anxious for the first utterance of a word, wondering what a person with that physique might sound like.

'Here she comes,' one of the girls motioned.
'Oh my gawd, I cant believe that famous rock star got some girl pregnant,' Tabitha started.
'What was he thinking? Has he no care for his stardom?' Juliet continued.
Selina heard the last two sentences when she walked past them.
'What famous rock star,' she inquired, not knowing why she even bothered striking up a conversation with them when they've always been on non-hospitable terms.
'Haven't you heard? Taylor Hanson knocked some girl up. Hey, wasn't he once your client?' Tabitha acted ignorant
'What?! Are you sure?' She grew more engaged in their chat.
'Positive sweetheart,' Tabitha re-announced.
Selina had heard and verified this tid-bit of information with Taylor before and he had comfirmed otherwise. She took their words with little vehement because she was fully conscious of their never ending falsehood to bring her down, but there was an unsatiated curiosity as to how the rumour got invented and why it was so rampant. She was about to remove herself from the audacity and malevolence of her miserable evil sisters, when she recognized Susan in the group as well. She remembered seeing her whenever she visited Taylor's house and got a sneak peak of her over his shoulders all the time but was never fully introduced by him, which lead her to unwisely believe that Susan was a sister or a best friend, someone she could trust, which created a very hazardous situation.

'Is this true Susan?' her last hope, since Taylor's words were finalized, lied in this one undependable girl, which no one could rely on her for anything except screwing Taylor.
'Sorry to say Sel, but it couldn't be truer,' Susan tried to sound sympathetic, her voice and facial expression disguising the sense of evil gratification in her heart.
Selina derived that due to her mistaken identity, she had to be telling the truth. Who else could she trust if not Taylor's close friend or relative? Taylor obviously couldn't be trusted. Not only did he get a girl knocked up, he lied about it to her too and that was unforgivable. She remembered the lies her father told in her childhood, and weaved a little thread between him and Taylor, but just like a Black Widows web, this thread had fatal repercussions. The link was hugely mislaid but now it was inbedded in her mine, that he was a player.

Sarah saw how disappointed and confused Selina was. It was easier to kill someone or something, in this case their relationship off when they're already down and out. So she made repeated hits.
'Taylors a player. Who knows how many girls he's knocked up every time he takes one of them into his room.'
Selina's eyes widen, both at the mind read followed by confirmation that he was a player and secondly to the opposition to the fact that she was the only girl for him.
Sarah grinned at her reaction, and this urged her on.
'He picks girls, uses them, and throws them away,' she lied continuously.
'He's not like that with me….,' Selina finally picked out an incongruity, trying to save her heart and tell herself this was all just a misunderstanding.
'Of course he isn't. You're at the pick-up stage where he's uber nice so he can use you once he's got you in his trap. Believe me doll, I've known him since forever. He does this all the time and he did get Jeanine pregnant.'

Selina was at a loss of words and strength in her knees. She rushed up to her bedroom, sobbing pathetically as she slammed down on her bed. Taylor had become her father. One part of her alleged that she knew Taylor like a book through all those engaging, hour long, soul searching conversations she had with him and how it would be so out of character to behave like that, even if he was possessed. The adjacent part of her asked herself the span of her relationship with him. A couple of dates told nothing about his private life even though he claimed she was in it. Plus the unity of the words of numerous unlinked people deep-rooted that it was no imitation. She was hurt and enraged together but in a deep implicit way, it helped sooth the controversy in her mind and brought her back to the realms of sanity. She wanted to find a reason to hate him, it was so much easier and she got it. Her piloting to accept Sarah's terminologies so quickly was in part due this perverse frame of mine of hers. She stopped herself from believing it was her futility that led her to hate Taylor and shifted the blame to him. To think the amount of trust she put in him and all that sweet talking from him was all a play. This fact made her evoke some emotions hotter than a furnace although internally she knew it wasn't 100 percent genuine. Stupid choices out of anger always showed itself up at periods like this like the one situational factor that remained stagnant and this time there was no need for banning for it to occur, she was never going to see Taylor again, and unless something proves him otherwise, Taylor was out of her good books.
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