Chapter 31

'New escort, who wants it?' Juliet the receptionist offered. Selina arose out of subconsciousness at the chance of a new prospect, a new beginning even though the past wasn't completely cleared. Trying to show off her potency, she coded through expression that all she wanted to do was rid Taylor off her life and uncoded that this served as the perfect distraction.
'Ill take it,' she grabbed the offer much to the surprise of the outmoded few, cause of the house-wide knowledge of her obsession with her previous client.
'You can't, sweety.' Juliet informed.
'Why not?'
'Cause I said so,' Ursula said sternly as she stood her ground with hands folded. Ashley grinned again.
'But why?' Selina reiterated again, squeezing for a feasible answer for this cruelty she took as punishment, although seen by others as an advancement.

The way Madame Ursula stroked the whip she carried twirled up Indiana Jones style by her hip sent daunting chills down the body part that would be taken advantage of by it, the strict look on her face indicated, if she didn't keep her reservation to herself. She knew another 'but why?' would send its long lashed flying her way. So along with the death of her Madame whom she still refered to as such due to their close bondage, came not only the melancholy of it but returned the makings of her into a full-blooded whore, and this time there was so escaping it because it wasn't a punishment, it was an order. All of a sudden, she felt the weight of her past issues undwindling on her shoulders, as one predicament escalated the rest out of intangibility, out of the little trashcan she kept tucked away in the back of her head.

Selina could feel all eyes on her, waiting for her to make a move, or cry, or fall into another breakdown. She ran to the wall, twisted around and fell backwards to land her back against it with a thud, hair-pulling frustrated and sobbing, presenting them with what they wanted, ignoring the world, her wicked sisters, her playboy boyfriend, her mommy's death, her dead mutilated kitten, the secrets she had to keep, her ascend into prostitution, the total ruination of her life.

'If it makes you feel any better,' Regina started, who was now used as a tool for the devilish. She was in the hate club but managed to coax Selina for a tad of belief, by showing placate and convincing her of her friendship through her occasional comfort pangs. Although realistically, she only corrected the drivel they hurled on Selina themselves. Traps had been deliberately set and it was Selina's turn to stumble upon them due to her naivety. That was their game.
'This new client vouches for sex as well. You can still grab the chance,' Regina's lexis has calmed her down some as she pushed all the rubbish back in that momentarily overflooded bin, back to the single setback with Taylor.

Her growing affection for Regina was frightening but it was a stunt out of loneliness. She had no one now, with Taylor barred from her memory, her Madame gone and Gail had her own affairs to attend to and couldn't cater to her 24-7, and the little smidgen of assistance and merriment from Regina made a drastic difference, much more than it would have otherwise. She was the only person who would be nice to her but that was part of their game as well. To leave Selina with a lone person whom she could grow fond of and then be overpowered and manipulated by her, and it was working for she had gone against her own words never to trust anyone from the gang.

But that wasn't on her mind now, what was, was the revenge. The revenge she wanted to take on her unfaithful conscienceless boyfriend, so out of rebellion, she agreed. 'Fuck my so called boyfriend, how many lies has he told me without me knowing' she said quietly to herself and then a louder 'I'll take it'.
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