Chapter 32

Buzz! The residence had a newer phone ringer since the last one was said to turn clients in the rooms off. It was Taylor asking for Selina. Upstairs she was staring at her ceiling, trying to rearrange her thoughts. Was there something beyond the naked eye, some missing piece of the puzzle that would complete the picture? All those times they went out and shared vast hobbies, did it mean nothing to him? Was she just a toy for him and was he really a player like they said? Even if she excluded all the 'evidence' provided by those monstrous sisters, she had seen it with her own eyes. Taylor lied to her right in front of her face. She rejected and yelled her nil consent down to the first level through her bedroom window. Normal puzzling looks if this was Selina a week ago were replaced with smiles, this time all of them, with the kind Ashley perfected.

Somewhere in Mounds, Taylor was the one who absorbed the puzzled look. The wind speeded through his hair, keeping his head cool or it would have gone hectic by now. The reason given didn't fill any voids with a simplistic 'she doesn't want to speak with you' and then a slam down. He hadn't the address where she lived. The phone was his only means in contacting her. He attributed it to her own mood. Perhaps she was isolating herself from everyone, not only him. With that he sped off into the horizon, the sunset, peace, the open air and the sand dunes framing the sides of the road he frequented that always seemed to eject into space any worries he had.

The night started out bearable, a sparing handful of hanky panky from her male client. He looked like a simpleton with brown hair and eyes, typical businessman looking for a beautiful female companion to show off and boast to his collegues about. A kind of corporate competition and the ones with the finest females has the edge. It was a high-class ball room. Good thing, she was informed to dress up formally for the occasion and had put on a Cinderella sparkly blue gown, complete with matching white woolen gloves and a gem studded tiara just like in a fairytale. He was bound to be pleased even if unsaid and his collegues would be in similar admiration.

'Why is this tie even in my closet?' Taylor frustratedly threw the ugly yellow with blue teddy bears fashion disaster out of his way, much like the other closing accessories which were thrown into a mountainous messy pile somewhere in the context of his room. Even though, his dislike for Sarah would have dire consequences on his appearance, he ignore her and concentrated on how it could help his public image instead. He reached for his bottle of CK cologne and dapped a little on his neck for a finishing touch, before heading to the haunted castle of vampire woman, to pick her up.

Selina sat there viewing the scene before her. Her attire seemed to fit in with the ambience and that boosted her confidence a notch, her feelings of being left out eventually eroding. A fairytale existence for a day. She had never seen anything so vividly spectacular and extravagant in her entire life. Her impoverishness before had allowed her no book, TV, radio or any form of outside intervention. It was just her kept to herself with her imagination. The same went for the whorehouse, she had grown so used to the lack of media, that she completely took it for granted.

'Shall we dance?' the gentlemen jarred her out of her musings, his hand held out graciously to her. She wondered if her three beginner dance lessons would save her from her habitual toe-stepping accidents. She took it anyway and away she went to the grand dance floor, which stretched beyond the eye could see. So far and so wide with crystal glass chandeliers that brightened up the court with crystal clear luminescence, sculptures and paintings that gave the room its poshness. It was moments like this that made her job worthwhile, the escorting part at least.

It was no easy task driving to the prom. Susans lawnmower mouth wouldn't give it a rest. If only Taylor had a button to push that would automatically turn her off. The vicinity of the prom has the typical high school prom settings. A few banners and balloons strewn here and there which added colour to the dull blue walls, the lights dimmed to simulate a romantic quixotic atmosphere and couples making out on the dance floor. All these wonders abound him but none of them stuck because his mind was occupied with another wonder - Selina.

'Let's dance!' Susan pulled his arm so hard, she almost dislocated his scrawny fragile joints. She never took no for an answer so he followed her unenthusiastically to the dance floor. It was the Charlston, the theme to the party being mis 60's. He danced with her but with her head on his shoulder, his imagination ran wild. He remembered the times he danced with Selina, in the moon light, barefooted on the beach, in a hippie ghetto and the closest to this, when they danced under the skylight after one of Taylor's insightful astronomy lessons. Taylor simpered at his geekiness. 'Selina,' he called out softly.

'I beg your pardon,' her date questioned her as he furthered his head back and to the right to look at her. Her face was so near his ear, lying rested on his shoulder that he heard through and through. 'Who's Taylor?'
'Oh, no one important,' she lied as the question zoomed her from dreamland and ensnared her back into the disappointing reality that she was dancing with someone else, not Taylor. As much as she denied her keenness for Taylor, she could think nothing but him when she was with another man because every time she looked at one, some feature, movement, character, personality, attribute, or behaviour of his would take her pronto back to remembering it on Taylor. She missed him dearly, but he had hurt her and he wasn't 'permitted'. She was fenceless.
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