Chapter 33

Taylor pardoned himself from the dance to attend to a more urgent matter, a matter of the heart. He flipped his cell open, not forgetting to find a quiet corner space to shelter from busybodies, especially the one with a broomstick.
'Selina went out on a date'
Unrest. Where was the Selina that ran to the phone with such zeal just for the mere passage to his voice? Something wasn't right and he was stuck in the middle of it, knowing zilch. Before he had put it down to her mood, but this was getting serious, since that obviously wasn't the reason, her being out with another man. It was Taylors turn to feel hurt, and with his egoistical self, that's wasn't a common demonstation. However there was a larger curiosity and unquenched thirst for finding out what was going on. The fact that he might have lost her never crossing his mind. He was only wading around in the shallowness of the situation to have thought the matter had gone that severe and far-flung.

Taylor surrendered to the thought and proceeded to the center of the party where all the ceremonial activities were enacting. He searched around for Susan but she was nowhere to be seen. Probably off romancing 10 other guys and showing off her dress to all the girls so she could convince elections for her for Prom Queen. Miraculously, no one had asked about him rock star status wise and he seemed to blend into the crowd quite effortlessly. Either way they were too busy with their own cliques or Hanson was before their time. Of course there was the possibility that none of the new age punks could care less for a soft core band like Hanson. The bar lured him with its sophistication. It being the only item in the court that wasn't swarming with teenies. An identification card was needed for entrance. Taylor showed his.
'Martini, on the rocks,' he ordered.

'Martini, on the rocks,' Selina replied as the waiter waited to jot down an order. It didn't show outwardly, but her choice of drink was due to the nostalgias she was suffering from. It reminded her of the time beneath the stars, how she and Taylor had made it their trademark drink since both of them shared a taste for it.

Prom Queen was crowned. It wasn't Susan much to her dismay. All her convincing and tiresome converses worse than a political party's persuasive ramblings didnt pay off. Neither did her hair she managed to uncurl with the curling iron for three hours straight to obtain her now once in lifetime lustrious wavy style, nor the dress she rented for a fairly expensive amount. She death stared the winner with such animosity that you'd think she wouldn't make it out alive with Susan's proximity that night. There wasn't much to do after the crowning except help the janitor clean the mess. He drove Susan back to his house, all the while praying that Susan felt bored enough to request to return her own house instead. But a little birdy told him that as long as he was there, he shouldn't even dream about her departure.

One last try before adjourning to bed, he challenged himself.
'She's on a date,' came the aggravating report again. He searched around for a clock. 2AM. She never even stayed out that late on dates with him. Instead of the usual worry, he was starting to feel emotions for himself. That egoistical side of him was starting to take conquest again, a side which hadn't been portrayed since the minute he got to know Selina, but now it was striking. His inbred individualist characteristics were renewing.

The ballroom was near closing, but Selina felt more of the negative than the positive. She knew what was coming for her. As the red evening sky turned to blackness, so did her heart. It was only the beginning of many more to come. And for the first time, she wished to be free again. Living in a cardboard box under the pouring rain suddenly seemed so much more tempting now. At least she wasn't forced into disgrace and submission and lost of the same respect she valued above everything else. She was now no different from the people she was trying to run away from.

All throughout the car ride, he couldn't keep his hands to himself. Her thighs, her arms were repeatedly groped. The set up in his car was bizarre. All the mirrors seemed to be pointing in her direction, both side view mirrors and the rear view mirror and even the tiny magnet mirror on the diagonal of his automobile, so every time she looked in a mirror, he was there eyeing her covertly. His groping was getting irksome with a touch ever 10 seconds. They burned like hot coals. It was like Taylor owned her sense of touch and any other outsider's touch would be set ablaze, kind of suggesting his ethereal possession of her. With her as his constant distraction, she hoped he would crash into a tree where she could make her escape. He led her out of the car, opening the door for her and then gripping her hand tightly like he knew what she was had in mind and dragged her to the house. She scanned around, not a vehicle not person to be seen. It was a mansion, like with most of Love Express's clients, this one was well-endowed due to the costliness of its recruits. Situated in the middle of a certain empty grassland, a kind of place where screams could never be heard, he could rape her and no one would never know or if she was brought back, cared. That scared her to death. Even though she told herself Taylor had no future attachment with her, she did worry that if one magical day they were reunited, she wanted to be pure for him. He searched for his keys, forgetting about his essential banding to Selina momentarily, freeing both his hands from her.
'Where's that damnů' he turned around. She had fled, the only motion coming from the Mercedes Benz he owned with a new owner in it speeding off into the obscureness, the black vehicle blending into the night making it even harder to see, in Selina's favour. If only she knew the complete opposite treatment she would be given the next day, she wouldnt be so joyous.
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