Chapter 34

Her disobeyance would not be taken for granted. The very next day, Ursula had a certain something waiting for Selina in a special room. She had heard about her defiance and summoned her to the torture chamber. In all of Selina's days there, she had never heard of such a room. The new Mistress must have created it but by the sounds of it, she was going to be trashed and she knew the exact reason for it. The older whores must have poisoned her mind with all kinds of bad untruths about her, for the Mistress was skimpily acquainted with her but a kind of hatred possessed her eyes every time Selina crossed her path, a kind she never used on any other employee. She knew all this would probably append to the punishment and what she was getting was in fact additional that to what she deserved.
But it was too late to reverse any kind of suspicions implanted in her head by those hateful sisters, cause it was already time for a swipe. It hit hard and Selina yelled out a tearful cry. She was stripped naked and her four limbs roped to the wall with her back away from it so the Mistress would have easy access to the flawless skin on her back, and rupture it. 12 more swiped were applied to her back, the kind that was used when culprits were caned in jail. There fell on the floor a mixture of blood and tears as they dripped off her skin and welded together, making some parts of the blood more diluted. She concentrated n this fascination rather than the screaming pain on her back. And then after half an hour of intense suffering, it was over, with Selina's back massively disfigured.

Ashley heard the gratifying news. She was beaming with victory. After her last punishment by the deceased Madame Pricilla, whose murderer still hadn't been arrested, she had kept to herself, secreted and recuperating but now it was time to spread her influence again and gain rulership over everything and everyone once more.

'Selina, your swetums called countless times yesterday night and this morning,' Juliet informed her from downstairs thought the open window. It was easy to communicate with her this way as her room was directly above the receptionist counter.
Selina was lying on her bed. Depression had set in. She didn't think anymore. If she did, she'd find ten different things all at conflict with one another which would bring her right into the insanity zone.
'Tell him not to call anymore,' she said heartlessly.

'Zac, have you any idea why Selina keeps ignoring all my calls?' Taylor casually brought up.
' No, no idea,' Zac answered hurriedly, looking over to Isaac who was busily dusting their awards display showcase which they had a special mantelpiece for. Isaac had almost instantaneously stopped his polishing to watch what Zac had to say and readied himself to cover for him in case he made mistakes and leeways for suspicion. They were still in defense mode, uncaring for how it could affect their brother, but it was unnecessary for he ended with a 'That's strange' and left for brighter things.

'Ike, how long are we going to keep this from him?' Zac finally softened up and felt remorse for Taylor and his recently taken up never-ending search for some flow in his disrupted mindset. They had seen him lying by the phone, calling the exact same number every 20 minutes, hoping that his latest call would be his last and Selina which he was certain was around for he had heard her in a lowered faraway volume shouting her disregard, would pick up. The receptionist had been so accustomed to his call and her answer that she simply ignored him from caller ID or if she was feeling like funning, pick up with a 'She doesn't want to talk to you' and slam down the phone. His brothers claimed not to have her address, and her last name was a mystery so the phone book was out of the question. It was a complete halt.
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