Chapter 35

Selina sat outside in the garden, in the metal rod swing listening to the robins sing their harmonies. She had just woken up and her thoughts were peaceful at that hour. The swing abruptly stopped in motion, so suddenly she was almost thrown backwards off of it. It was Regina. She wanted to get on to sit opposite Selina. Selina's giddiness turned to understanding and she moved her legs inwards to let Regina board.

'So you're now one of us, huh?' Regina said with such pride that Selina daren't go ahead with her initial answer.
'Yeah…' she replied instead unsure of how else to respond to a statement with such ambiguity.
'Only I hope to get the better clients,' she blurted out, then reconsidered whether she should be revealing her preferences and abhorrence to Ashley's accomplice but she seemed to be nice and never really did have Ashley's mentality anyhow.
'What do you mean better clients?' came the reply she was afraid Regina would ask because of the nature an answer to that will reveal.
'I mean I don't want to get those big muscle men. They'd cram me with their weight plus with those kinds, if they ever get physical… I don't want to end up like Madame,' she poured vital information her way.
'Ah, I see,' Regina nodded and pushed her hair out of her face and behind her ear affectionately.

Days had passed.
'Tay, this is Cindy,' Zac introduced a friend of his that he had brought over to their house, trying to take his mind of Selina.
Taylor's face scarcely moved as he flashed a slight smile and managed a 'hi' out of his mouth before going up stairs to his room, having taken the guitar from the instrument room. He had resided back to that same old Taylor who bypassed girls without a second glance like before he met Selina. To him they were destined, anyone else didnt hold the right key.

Taylor sat woebegone, and confused. He had been trying for days to get her but nothing. His brothers were watchful of his paucity, and their guilty conscience slowly took them over when his condition accelerated from mild to serious acts of skipping of meals and isolation from virtually everyone except the person on the opposite end of the phone. He hadn't seen sunlight and only scarce forms of entertainment kept him occupied, together with his very own voice singing new melodies and lyrics all of the love façade, all in reminiscence of Selina, even one entitled with his beloved name. His brothers couldn't go on seeing him do this to himself, even introductions to new girls were sent back in failure and unlike they had hoped with time, he hadn't drifted apart from her at all. If anything, he had grown an unsurpassable yet unreachable closeness.

The surroundings at Selina's place had gone from bad to worse. Now with Priscilla no longer protecting Selina from all those corruptive elements floating around her waiting to scrub her down to a minuscule pebble, she was open to them and it was tearing her down. Every single move would be nit picked and reported to the new Mistress and Selina being drastically worn down from the fighting for her right over everything, was left bare for scolding and strokes from the Mistress, without much fending for herself. It wasn't like she would believe her over the spiteful grumbling of the majority. The amount of swipes on her back, arms, legs and any other beautiful areas that could be spoiled, would make anyone cringe. She was so worn out from the lies a plentiful around her, all used on her, the beatings, her constant fight for her freedom, her complete absence of love for anyone, that nothing mattered to her anymore. The one person who couldn't stop thinking about her, was the person her mind had gave a total miss. She sat by herself, although the hall was jammed with sisters and read a magazine hoping that they didn't find something to find fault with her doing that. She wasn't her usual chirpy, optimistic, carefree Selina anymore, she was encumbered be fright, solitude, fencelessness and largely hopelessness.
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