Chapter 36

Taylor emerged out from his cave once again to make his way to the instrument room. Zac was sited on the kitchen table with Ike playing a decent game of checkers. They side glanced each other as they shared a perspective, inundated with whether they should retain the secret that had been boiling beneath the surface since forever. They knew it was impossible to carry on with the charade forever and by the sounds of it, Taylor was not going to rest till the truth was out or he could make sense of any of this and the only way he could within the current situation was by inheriting the truth.

'Tay, we have to talk to you,' Zac pulled Taylor away from his hum, and decided to get straight to the point and accept his deserving punishment.

'Tay.. Selina's...uh, Selina's... uh' Zac begin now knowing how to put it gently.

'Tay, Selina's a prostitute,' Ike finished off for Zac.

'You're kidding,' he said before the entire story was related to him. Tears rolled down his cheek. He steamed up at his brothers as expected but only appropriately since it was such a life-altering piece of information. They had left him aching for remittance in the room knowing the source and shut up cause of their selfishness. That was one act which would take a long time to be forgiven. And did he come across as that desperate regardless of the number of times he told them that his main aim was to wait for that someone special? However, as much as the story was told, it still didn't explain why she was suddenly straying away from him. His brothers shrugged and this time it was sincere unawareness.

The influx of all this disclosure at once left him shell-shocked and frozen up. The same breakdown Selina was afraid Taylor would fall into by telling him everything at one time, happened, only it doubled as he was clueless about the pregnancy and was afraid he might have given the impression that he was lying to Selina. If only he knew to what extent that had gone.

'How could you keep all this from me?' His brothers merely bowed their heads in shame.

'Do you know where she's putting up?' Tay asked again and this time it was no feat telling him since everything was already out in the open.

'Selina another assignment for you and this time you better not blow itů or maybe you will' Juliet winked at her. Selina remembered how the last one went clearly and would not forget in a while till the swellings and lashed across her back healed. And to think, if she didn't do her job this time, the beatings will be over her already painful bruises and sores.

Ashley's power was expanding and now with Selina down, she could stretch the full length of her wrath. She had especially chosen this client for her. The last one in her opinion was too meek and undemanding, now this one was an exact fit of the description she told Regina the other day. Not to be messed with, he was gigantic in size, brawny and weighed and enormous 200 bulky pounds. And now it was known the exact breed of clients to offer Selina. She knew the coincidental match to her detest were their scornful doings, but she didn't care anymore. Nothing meant anything to her. She didn't feel the humiliation and tearing away from divination she should have. Her senses were numb to everything. 

Meanwhile in Hanson land, Taylor got into his car, intent in confronting Selina to mitigate all this confusion and hopefully get a straight answer this time unlike experiences with her before where everything went round in circles.

She and her client were escorted to the last room where no one could disrupt or interrupt their mingling or the total degradation of her being. Ashley smiled on one side of her cheek, hands akimbo on her hips, growing more and more glorified every step they took towards the room.

He started the engines and sped off to the red light district, foot stepped all the way down on the accelerator.

'I understand this is your first time so Ill take it easy on you,' the husky voiced, big strapping well-toned man promised as he stood in front of her expecting a service.
'Take off your clothes,' he added, making it seem like a total contradiction of what he had said just seconds before.
She was hesitant at first till she stirred and one of the strokes on her back stung stridently.
In fear, she took off her top obediently.

Taylor made a right turn to the road where the whorehouse stood at the end.

She peered at the man, stalling time thinking the free time may urge him to change his mind. And when that didn't work, she stood in an extremely unappealing fashion, trying to disgust him into backing out.
'Get on with it,' the man pressed on, the antics seemingly failing to dissuade him as he sat on the bed, his hands stretched out behind him as if watching a live performance striptease. She took off her skirt.

Taylor reached Love Express.

The man pulled Selina on top of him and she let out a small yelp of timidness and shock.
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