Chapter 37

Taylor barged in and upon hearing that all too familiar voice, rushed to the source, and kicked open the door. There his qualms were confirmed, Selina lying semi nude on top of a strange man.
'Taylor,' she called out dazzled by his largely missed presence and congregated herself for one beyond human strength push to release the giant man's grip of her to run to Taylor when she remembered that she wasn't the one who should be feeling sorry, completely forgetting the position she was in and who she was, due to it being second nature to her.
'What do you want Taylor? Trying to tell me you got another girl pregnant?'
'This isn't the place to talk about that,' he lowered his volume speckled with a tinge of anger, peering at the perverted gaze of the buffed up man sitting on the bed, eyeing him as if there was a hope of a trio, and he seemed to be taking the intrusion reasonably well. From this Taylor guessed that his stealing Selina away wouldn't provoke him to having to take on the guy. As unbelievable as it is, Love Express had no bouncers to keep the harmony. In fact apart from the clients who couldn't be least bothered about the house's notorious characters, there were no other males around. Taylor saw this as an advantage and grabbed Selina's hand who of all people were struggling with him when he was trying to help, making the task a whole lot more difficult. He tightened his grip cause he knew it as just an act out of rebellion or anger or both.
He glided out of the house with Selina as fast as a desert snake and forced her into his car roughly pushing her arms into his seat so she could shimmy over and he could take her place. He knew all the forcefulness would pay off for the both of them later on. He gave one last look at the whorehouse where no on seemed to be interested in anything that just happened, but then again neither Ashley, Regina nor the new Madame was around.

He stopped at a cliff edge, where the fresh air, distant grassy hills and fuzzy clouds looked almost reachable if you were to stretch up to touch them, and down below scattered vallies and rivers. It was a place he went to sort things out and now it was theirs.
'How could you lie to me Taylor? Do I mean nothing to you? I guess I'm just another trash whore to you huh? Whether you knew I'm one or not. I thought I was the only one for you. I thought we had something. Why sleep around behind my back?' Selina bombarded looking for quick, one-dimentional answers.
'Sleep around? Selina, listen to me, that night was an accident. I was drunk silly. I didn't know what was going on. I'm sorry, it was an accident. I didn't know till yesterday, I didn't mean to lie to you'
Selina looked up at Taylor from her hunged head. His voice distant to her hearing as her sight took priority. She had missed him so much, how he looked, his scent, the warmth she felt just being in his presence. The blue and white cloud-filled sky behind him made him resemble a portrait, just because of the stillness and calmness of his being and everything around him when he was there. It was like he could communicate with all living creatures or they blessed him cause of his kindness and other magnificent qualities. Everything was so stunning and serene again, because of him. How could she ever have convinced herself to stop loving him? And then she heard him continue as her senses switched back places.
'But I wasn't the only one doing the lying….' he stopped.
'I wasn't always a prostitute you know, just an escort. Today, in there was my first time so I thank you for stopping me… but I was confused. You have no idea what I was going through, Taylor. I had to choose between my livelihood and…… you' Selina explained painstakingly and one by one all their misconceptions were laid out on the table. Both of them felt a ton of relief drown their tribulations because now all the missing pieces of the puzzles were uncovered. Before although they were living a fairytale partnership, there were so many treasures a hidden. Treasures that when found out would open a whole new world for them better than a fairytale.
'What an I going to do now?'
'You're coming back with me. Live with me and my family. We'll take good care of you and we'll be together always'
Selina smiled at the idea and off they went driving in the starry starry night together.
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