They went to the Esplanade, a middle class restaurant at the top of a well known hotel. They wined and dined and talked about anything under the stars, literally as the restaurant had a skylight allowing diners to venerate the vast astronomical system.
'See that's Orion' he pointed out to her. There was no need for artificial lighting in the restaurant. The stars were light enough, illuminating the whole eatery in its heavenly gifts.
'Really? Wow?' Selina showed some interest, one of the tricks Madame Priscilla had taught her back at the whore house, and it worked too as Taylor smiled gleeful that he was so captivating. His brothers promised him that she wouldn?t know who he was and that delighted him knowing someone liked him for him and not because he was famous. If only he knew half of the whole truth.

They chatted on, dabbling in the topic of the wonders of the universe and its broad confinement. Taylor using whatever limited knowledge he attained in the extra astronomy classes he took, to impress her. The conversation dug deep and Selina found herself at a lost of words as the questions touched on her past. She knew she had to lie but she had to have equivalent memory skills to remember where she lied. Taylor kept finding himself in a merry-go-round.
'I thought you said you grew up in Virginia?'
'Uh....yeah. I grew up in Virginia but moved to New York before I came to Oklahoma'
'Didn't you say you never went to New York before?'
She kept getting pushed to a corner and Taylor realized this so he backed off thinking that it was a sensitive issue.
'Uh...I understand you like cats,' Taylor changed the topic.
'Oh, they are my favourite animals. They are so adorable, especially the little ones,'she commented all enthusiastic and gooey-eyed, pleased with the direction change.

After the scrumptious meal, they went to the dance floor, the revolving restaurant already aiding them with giddiness so they felt free to move around and dance like mad men, the wine taking its toll on them, without looking too deranged. They danced, their closeness barely giving them room to expand their wings to full span, main initiations by Taylor as he grabbed Selina's hand in one and held her waist with the other, which he noticed to his delight, had uncanny slimness unlike the average grease loving teenager nowadays.

The night was fun but it struck 12 midnight before they even knew it and Taylor's mother would be waiting up for him as she always did. He offered to take her home but she declined, remembering Ike's words not to reveal too much and taking her home to a whorehouse would just about tell all. Taylor had really wanted to see her again, her optimism and cheerfulness yet tact and diplomacy astonished him that all those wonderful things could come out of 1 tiny little girl. She was 2 years older than him but had a petite frame that allowed her to barely reach Taylor's shoulder.

'Can I have your number? I would really like to see you again' Taylor pleaded.
Selina was pleased by her accomplishment of what Madame Priscilla had wanted her to do, but another rule bothered her, the fact that her Madame didn't want her falling in love with any of her clients but she was doing exactly that with Taylor right now. His dreamy charming easy-going demeanor lacked the usual chauvinistic manly mannerisms. Taylor was different. He was honest and although he had an ego like any other guy did, it never went overboard and he only used it to benefit both parties instead of one.

They felt like they were made for each other although they never put it into words. Selina handed him the faux card her Madame made especially for each individual escort in case cases like this popped up. It all lead to the same phone line but a different one from their usual services. And with the catch Selina got, Madame Priscilla wanted it definite that the card would have a use. Well heres her wish come true, Selina thought.

Taylor smiled handsomely, knowing how to win over a girl with simple moves of his body parts. Selina blushed.
'I'll call you' he said and went into his car, feeling very unlike a gentleman for not taking her home and leaving her with a taxi to take.

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