‘Taylor, you look all flushed, are you alright?’ Diana questioned as she felt Taylor's forehead and reaffirmed her notion that he was burning up. His brothers took it as a sign that the date went well, for he wasn’t red with fever, he was red in love.
‘Nah he’s alright’ Zac motioned at his mother and seized taylor hand for the brutal interrogation session that had planned and readied for him in Ike room. Taylor knew too well what was coming and tried to fight with his brother to escape to the sanctuary of his room, but it was no feud. Zac’s tough brawny structure overpowered his lean scawny one in an instant and he was thrown into the room with no where to run and nowhere to hide.
‘Out with it. How did it go?’ Ike asked who was already positioned at the lamp, shining it on Taylor's face, doing it prim and proper like a police investigation. Taylor swiped the fluorescent light out of his singeing eyes, and frustrated gave his brothers what they wanted to hear in exaggeration.
‘It went great! We fell in love and we’re getting married this Sunday.’ His brothers frowned at his dodges from the truth. They didn’t want it to be a long night and wish taylor would just spit it out already so they could all go to sleep with peace at mind..
‘Alright, alright. It went great. There, satisfied?’ Taylor gave up and wriggled his wrist loose from Zac’s still tight grip.
‘I’m going to bed’ he said as he looked at his 2 brothers giving each other hi fives and guyish hand gestures in relation to their victory in their little game. But it was no game to Taylor. He really liked Selina with all his heart, call it love at first sight, fate, it didn’t matter. All that did was that he saw great potential in developing their relationship further. Was this the girl he had been waiting for his whole life? He was never one to fall easily or was he? So many questions, all without an answer. He put aside his musings for the next day. He had to get up early for his birthday party the day after. His brothers had decided to surprise him this year by presenting him with his present a day before his birthday. Clever thinking, he thought sarcastically. What better way to surprise a boy on his birthday than to make it a day earlier. He laid himself down to bed and looked at his dull gray ceiling, feeling his eyes lids shut against its heaviness and he slowly he drifted off to sleep.

Selina doubly wasn’t let off easy. The minute she stepped into the waiting room where all her sisters were sprawled out in anticipatory waiting, she was bombarded by a thousand and one questions, all basically probing at the same thing. She smiled to herself pleased that she had done her ‘family’ proud and from the cheerful looks on her face, her sisters pressed on even more, their curiosity aroused further by her light heartedness. She thought maybe a promotion was in store with the good grades she scored on this client. Taylor was something she wanted but not everything. 1st on her priority list was her family here. They were her everything, and scoring points with Priscilla was far more important to her than doing the same with Taylor.
There she came, a queen in her own right as her daughters made way for her, circumventing out of her way as she walked prestigiously to the apple of her eye.
‘How did it go?’ she breathed tiredly. It was clear that she had just been with a client and a rough one at that.Selina seeing how exhausted she was decided to save on the game playing games and cut straight to the chase.
“It went fantastic. He really likes me and he said he’s gonna call me again with the card you made for me.’ she said straightforwardly, as she winked at her trying to share with her the exuberance she felt and influence her with it.
‘Good, good’ she said in her old haggardly voice as she patted her on the back and gave her a meek smile before she turned to return to her unfinished business in the back room. A tinge of sadness brew in selina’s tummy. Within a matter of days the concern she felt for her mommy grew tremendously and seeing her get beated up and bruised for a buck or two brought tears to her eyes. She wasn’t sure if it was the doings of 1 man or several but she was going to have a brief mention of it to her the next morning. some things money are just not worth.

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