He woke up to loud noises coming from downstairs as he had every morning. The minute the kids were up, he was too, the noise tolerance stopping to where sleep was concerned. He pulled the covers over him to go back to sleep when Jessica ran into his room. He regretted that he had stopped bugging his father to fix the lock, and stapled that note in his head for later use.
‘wake up , wake up’ she called out and jiggled her brother repeatedly under the comforter he was keeping up to his head by pinning it under it, making him looks like a corpse in the operating room after it had been declared dead and covered.
‘why? isn’t the party until evening’ he grumbled sleepily as he stretched and the covers sprung loose from under his head. Jessica took advantage of that opportunity to grab his hand and pull his feather light body up from the bed. She could carry him if she wanted, weighing more than her brothers 120 pounds with her stoutly figure that duplicated zac’s in every manner.
‘ Don’t make me carry you’ she warned and immediately he arose to save his dignity. Being carried by a 13 year old, swung over her shoulder was an event far from desired.

‘Madame, do you really think we should allow Selina a job as important as this? Maybe one of the more experiences ones should take over. Say… perhaps’ Ashley proposed. She was one of the older hostile sisters who everybody feared due to her ‘I get what I want’ attitude. She had a certain coercive power that spelled ‘don’t mess with me’, and apart from Priscilla, no one dared cross her, knowing the retribution and vengeance that would wreck havoc upon them tenfold if they did. She was a scorpio and true to her sign. Not being as old as some of them, barely skimming 26, she had been in the craft far longer than most ever will. Thrown out of the house by an abusive father and a helpless mother for being a difficult child at 8, left her with no worthy alternative except the one which made her thousands a week now.
‘Let her be. She’s done well so far.’ The years of ‘usage’ showing on her forehead and mouth as lines as she spoke.
‘Beginner’s luck. We don’t want her screwing up later on, do we? And it gets harder to hang on to a man’s interest as time progresses’ Ashley said her arms folded across her chest like she had the upper say.
‘Give her a chance, I see potential in her. She’s brighter than we all think and she’s followed instructions so far’ Madame Priscilla defended her beloved student.
Ashley just abruptly ended the conversation and turned her back to her mommy to go back to the idle hobbies the sisters indulged in on a day to day basis, when they were free.
It was only 2 days but the affection her Madame felt for Selina reciprocated in the way Selina felt for her. Each finding benefit in loving each other, taking on roles that the other needed badly from absence of it in their childhoods or for Madame Priscilla’s case, her motherhood. She had turned to whoring much like the others because of her alcoholic husband who took full custody of her 3 kids ever since evidence was brought in that she whored at times, which she did when funds were low and that was the last she saw of them. Selina filled that adhering void being the filial young one, the youngest in fact, especially since her daughters were of the same age.

‘Happy birthday to Taylorrrrrrrr, Happy birthday to youuuuuu’ they sang merrily as taylor blew out the candles to his yummilicious strawberry short cake. ‘why do we have strawberry every year? cant we have chocolate for a change?’ Kris whispered.
‘Taylor doesn’t like chocolate and since strawberry’s his fave….’ Maxi explained.
‘How do you know these things? You’re not even close to the boy.’ her twin sister asked.
‘Teen Magazines’ she said and flashed her a dorky smile in all cheesiness.
‘Taylor you wished before you blew out all the candles. There’s still 1 more left’ Diana told him standing next to the boy with a pink cake knife in hand.
‘Awwww, that means Taylor doesn’t get his wish. Booohooo’ Zac made fun of him, obviously drunk from some smuggled beverages before the party even began to get into full mode.
Taylor ignored his drunk younger brother hoping for his sake, his mom didn’t catch on and blew out the last remaining candle, remembering to rewish his cherished wish which could be guessed straight out by someone close to him, namely his brothers.
‘Selina, selina’ Zac said her name disguising it by saying it in squeaky noises, which obviously he wanted heard because it was a lousy cover-up. His ears were pinched by Diana who brought him closer to her so she could sniff him, and gathered that her suspicions were true. She flicked her ear and gave him a hard stare while she waved a disapproving finger at him, and gestured at him to follow her.
Taylor smiled about to break out. ‘He got what he deserved,’ he thought and giggled to himself.
‘Taylor, forgotten me?’ came that all too familiar voice he grew to despise. It was Susan. She was his ex but at that time he didn’t know what he was getting himself into. She was the most manipulative, delusional, power loving, attention-seeking girl he had ever met in his 18 years of living. She leaned all over him, adorning him with caresses and smothers but he couldn’t care less. With his experiences with her, he’d rather have nothing to do with her after their long awaited break-up after 3 years of putting up with numerous jealousy outbursts and possesiveness from her.

‘Yes forgotten, long forgotten’ he told her not wanting her to take his jest too seriously, although meaning every word of it.
‘Oh Tay, you’re still so funny’ he giggled superfluously, and he read might it be said, a womans magazine once that wrote that women who giggle more than adequately do so to please their male counterpart. He never saw how this was so, as Susan’s hyena-like giggles only served to irritate the guts out of his. Ever since their break-up, she has been trying to curry favour him back into being her boyfriend. But there will come a time that birds swam and fishes flew before he would step into boiling water like that again.

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