‘Hey Selina’ Ashley called out from behind Selina as she was just about to have that little talk with Madame Priscilla.
‘Hey’ She looked puzzled that Ashley would talk to her considering the nasty looks she always gave her when she was around Madame Priscilla, jealousy no doubt. This girl was all and everything evil, she had gotten to know and the fact that she wanted to share her evil words from her evil tongue made Selina slightly shiver in fear.
‘So you think you’re so great huh?’ she eyed her up and down. Who would expect anything neutral or dare say nice come out of that wicked mouth. She should have known sooner.
‘You’re only a newbie here. Remember that. Don’t picture yourself so highly, you’re nothing but scum, a prostitute and not even a highly priced one at that’ Ashley insulted her to pieces as she felt her heart crush under the heavy weight of her words. And with the damage she felt satisfied she had done, she returned to the main room, leaving Selina to sob pathetically, her words piercing a part of her that she maintained hidden deep in the corners of her heart for emotional purposes. She was a prostitute. That wasn’t very hard to see, but what was, was that her values and believes she had acquired since she was young had been thrown away. She vowed never to wander to that side of society that her father indulged in, in her past. But here she was in the very same place that broke their marriage apart.

‘Why didn’t we invite Selina to the birthday party?’ Zac said rubbing his shoulder after now being spanked to the edge of endurance by his infuriating mother.
‘Cause its too soon. We have to wait until Taylor makes the first move. We cant just invite her to his birthday part with all his family and friends without them getting further acquainted first’ Ike rationalized and Zac nodded soberly, his mothers voice being played repeatedly in his head that if he didn’t get sober in 1 hour she would take him to the hospital to get his stomach pumped.

Taylor returned to his bedroom. He did adore being the center of attention, but right after he found his one true love was not the time. He picked up the receiver not needing to flip through the cards from his cardholder, as her card was the one it was opened to.

‘Hello’ came a sad, subdued mumble, much to Taylor's surprise considering the mirth she had been in the day before.
‘Hey, its Taylor. Is something wrong?’ Taylor asked concerned for her well-being.
‘No nothings wrong’ she brightened up a bit upon hearing Taylor's voice.
‘Are you sure?’
‘I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me? Theres a float parade down town tomorrow. Shall we go?’
‘Yes I would love to’
Madame Priscilla would be pleased with her.
‘That will show Ashley’ she thought. And she got to meet the man of her dreams 1 more time, if it did not signify the beginning of a strand of outings. She couldn’t put pass her to say the word relationship. If there was going to be true love involved that was going to be a no-no road, as Madame Priscilla warned. Could she keep her feelings a secret from them?

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