The day was fair. The big yellow ball, although blazing with intensifying heat, was dutifully shut out by the thick fogs of cumulusnimbus clouds threatening rain.

‘If this keeps up we’ll see a rainbow’ Taylor continued showing off his proficiency in information collection by enticing her with scientific findings.
‘Really?’ she said deeply impressed as she looked adoringly at the man who captured her heart in just a few days. A gorgeous hunk of a man with brains too. She was so attracted to him she didn’t know what to do. She had never felt so strongly about any 1 person before. His angelic androgynous face so perfect and beautiful would sweep any innocent bystander off their feet and straight to heaven. She remembered the first time she looked into those sexy eyes, the glassy blue translucent nature of his iris and the intense tiny pupil he had that looked like they were made to stare right down into the souls of the person lucky enough for them to be set upon. That soft blonde hair of his, with waves and curls at just the right places which when the wind blew carelessly on it, how it would just perfectly return to the way it was with just a shake of his head, and who could deny the fact that those heart shaped moist smooth pouty lips could draw ones own lips towards it in unconscious wanting. It was almost like a magnet. Red cherryness.
‘Yes really, when droplets of rain cross the path of sunrays, you get rainbows’ he further enlightened her, drawing her out of her deep engaging thoughts about him.

They heard a crash and a boom, so near if they hadn’t moved they thought they were going to get fried. Droplets of water fell on selinas nose. ‘It’s going to rain’ she deducted, and as soon as she muttered those words, a torrential downpour came pouring down on them. They ran to take shelter at an old abandoned fix-it shop, refurbished from a garage. They sat there hugging each other in the cold, watching the band carry on playing against all odds. It took a lot of dough to get the celebration put up and going and a little storm wasn’t going to deter them from carrying on with everything they worked so hard for.

The booming thunder, the pitter patter of raindrops, the marching percussionist, the blowing trumpets. It was candy to the ears, all of natures goodness and manmade wonders combined into 1. And there they were snuggling in the little fix-it shop, small and enclosed with only an open garage door impeding their privacy. The looked at each other realizing how romantic the scenario was and Taylor quickly searched around for that remote to the garage door when he felt a warm hand on his cheek, a prickly contrast from the weather elements around them. Taylor turned around only to be met with a tiny moist kiss on his lips, uncaring about the open door. He searched for progress but she pulled away just as he was going to initiate a newer kind of kiss. They say there on the creaky car and stared into each other eyes, reading each others minds and touching each others souls without even needing any form of physical contact. It was the first kiss for both of them, taylor held back by his painful rejections and Selina by her naivety of the romantic evolution since all she ever had to deal with were hardships of life. Perverse wasnt it? That people from 2 different ends of the world could come together in such sweet endearment.

And right then they shared the same sentiments, that nothing or no one could ever tear them apart, even for Selina, the kindness of her mommy at the whorehouse conveniently forgotten in exchange for a deeper kind of love from Taylor.

The rain gradually came to a stop, and the 2 lovebirds hopped down from the car and hand in hand they walked down the street kicking fallen scraps of paper and remnants of the floats in rejoice.

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