‘Don’t you think they are getting a little too cozy? They’ve only been on 2 dates and Selina’s bragging to mommy like they’re in love or something’ Ashley mentioned.
‘Maybe she’s trying to show mommy how good a job she’s done. Anyway if she falls in love with him, she has her wrath to deal with. I’m sure mommy’s warned her several times now that they’ve gotten so close.’ Regina added her share. She was one of the younger ones and companion to Ashley, one of the few she trusted her almost always backstabbing words and gossip.
Ashley wasn’t sure if Regina was referring to Selina and Taylor or Selina and mommy but she went on.
'Yeah, I’ve noticed that. It’s only been…what 5 days and they are communicating like mother and daughter already. They are getting too close. Something must be done before she gets put before the rest of us and we get chucked with the leftover deals.’ Ashley thought pensively as she went with the latter.
Regina’s gaze had deviated to the air around her, blank as a piece of paper, no doubt dealing with the strong impression Ashley has stamped in her head with turbulence. The 2 ladies ½ laid ½ sat lazily on the red couch provided in the lounging and rest area where unoccupied souls opened their mind and hearts to the next lounger.
‘And don’t forget, Selina’s getting all the money from that high class brat and some of it goes to mommy but what do we get? Zilch and I heard the money she’s getting beats the amount we get from regulars in a week!’
What Ashley was saying definitely hit a spot with Regina as her faraway crunched-up forehead look told more than need said.
‘Those boys don’t even know we’re prostitutes’ Regina laughed off when she realize it was her turn to contribute to the conversation
‘ They what? So Taylor doesn’t know Selina’s a hooker eh?’ A storm broke loose, hurricanes a-twirling in Ashley’s mind, as vast opportunities seemed plausible with this new piece of information.
‘All we gotta do now is tell lovey poo boy there that Selina’s really a low down street filthy hooker and let everything else play by itself’ she schemed and snapped her fingers, as though gratifying herself with its sense of finalisation.

Ring. Ring.
‘Hello’ Avery picked up the phone.
‘Hello, can you call your brother Taylor to the phone for a sec sweet cakes?’ she said feigning sweetness in her voice to get what she wanted.
‘Who is it, Avery?’ Zac asked her as the phone switched hands and Zac answered in place of Taylor.
‘Is this Taylor?’ Her voice sounded vaguely familiar and the haughty laughter from the background confirmed his doubts of it being one of the escort ladies calling.
‘Look you’re not supposed to call here remember? That was our deal’ Zac peered around suspiciously keeping his voice at a pipsqueak’s level, not wanting Taylor nor one of the adults to pick up the scent.
‘Oh sorry’ was her fake apology before both of them slammed down the phone, for distinctive reasons; Zac for wanting to pretend the call never existed and Ashley in frustration for her failure to wreck havoc among the Hansons.

Zac readjusted his collar out of a nervous tick and walked away from the phone reluctantly, not sure if it was a good idea incase a similar call were to enact, which would probably render him speechless to his parents reprimands, thus grounding him until next year. But he had to go. Band practice awaited him in the studio.

‘Ike, I thought you didn’t give those ladies our home number’ Zac pressed on hard.
‘I didn’t. Why?’ Ike inquired.
‘Oh god, then Taylor must have. One of them called me earlier this afternoon.’ Zac related as he twirled his drumstick in his left hand, that’s nervous tick creeping up on him again making him do repetitive unconscious acts. They kept their volume down for Taylor in the front.
‘Oh my god, that would be the end of both of us. Should we confront him?’ Ike started getting panicky as he made mini hops up and down in his state of being worked up.
‘And say what? We already know it was him, neither of us gave her the number’ Zac inferred.
‘Get him to tell them not to call the house anymore’ Ike explained his uncomprehended statement.
‘Then he’d get suspicious, I think we should go down there ourselves and explain our position’ Zac decided and looked to his brother for a positive reaction.
Ike nodded and that was encouragement enough.
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