This is, for the most part, a test.

Here, for instance, is a link which goes nowhere.

And here, for example, is a sentence designed solely to take up space:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet!

At this point, keen users will note how the words in said sentence are, in point of fact, non-words.

In this way, we contrast this page with numerous others throughout the internet that actually have a purpose, contain useful information, or are at least slightly interesting in some respect.

To demonstrate further, we include a space which should probably contain an image, but doesn't:

Our sincere hope is that we can enlighten one another in the use of spcae from a web design perspective, and, incidentally, highlight the importance of proofreading.

Next, in an effort to fill even greater amounts of space, we enclose several paragraphs produced chiefly through the hammering of the keyboard at random.

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