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Things have seemed pretty quiet here for awhile, so I thought that I
would relate another true story. I have a bunch of stories to tell but
just have not had the chance sit down on the computer and type them,
if there is interest, I will try to do so soon. Specifically, I went
back and visited the library muscle woman again and actually
her! I'll have to get to that story next, since it was amazing. When
put to the test during the match, this woman's muscle thickened,
and expanded so much that I just couldn't believe it! Her power was
incredible and her expanded muscle size surpassed that of my own and
probably the typical male of her size and weight. Anyway, more about
that later.

Not long ago, somebody (I can't remember who) asked if I had ever
any muscular women for any period of time. I can think of two that fall
into this category. One didn't last too long (a month or two) and
is not really much of a story behind it. The other one is REALLY
interesting and really reinforced my interest in female muscle. I hope
that it's not too long a story, but it was such a great experience that
I remember almost every detail (and I know that you guys like detail so
I will try to put in as much info. as possible).

About 3 - 4 years ago I met this girl and we started dating. She was
pretty athletic and had a fairly defined physique (nothing massive or
anything but still noteworthy and big). She was also quite strong
I noticed from the beginning. One day, we were watching TV and some
show was on in which two females were armwrestling. After seeing this,
she asked if I would armwrestle her "for laughs" and I said OK. We
both sleeveless at the time and when she and I locked arms, I noticed
that her muscle was pretty close in size to mine (actually, it had a
better shape than mine and was thicker in the middle, especially when
pumped). It was a very tough match which I really enjoyed and after
awhile I am sure that she just "gave up" and I "won" it (just barely -
was really weakening). I am absolutely positive that she felt that she
could win (she told me so later), but didn't want to "hurt" me since
kept asking if I would have been "mad" if she had won. However, I was
stunned by her strength and the size of her muscle compared to mine
after we had armwrestled and her muscle was pumped. She then asked if
we could measure our muscles to compare and I agreed. Her muscle was
exactly the same size as than mine, but felt harder. After we had the
armwrestling match and comparison she told me that she had planned to
start working out since I apparently liked large muscular females so
much and (more important) she wanted to be able to beat me in
armwrestling and develop a bigger muscle than me. She acted like she
joking when she said this but I had a feeling that she really wanted to
see if she could become superior to me in the muscle department.

Then, we kind of drifted apart over the next 4 - 5 months (mostly
because over the summer she went out of state to visit her stepmother
and stay with relatives). However, during this time (as she told me
later), she joined a bodybuilding gym and worked out quite a lot. When
she came back and we started seeing each other again, I immediately
noticed a huge change. The first day she got back, she came over
a black sleeveless sweater and, after a lot of "catching up" type
conversation, changed the subject and told me to go put on something
sleeveless because she wanted to try something. I went and put on a
sleeveless muscle shirt and said, "What's up?" She then asked me to
flex as she was now "ready" to compare her muscle to mine. I flexed my
muscle and she measured it. Then she asked me to measure hers. When
lifted her arm, clenched her fist and flexed, I couldn't believe it.
She had really made some amazing muscle development and told me that
had been lifting hard-core for 4 - 5 months. Her muscle was bigger and
had a much better peak than before (much more peaked than mine). I
measured and (I couldn't believe it again) her muscle was now almost 1
inch bigger than mine - I measured it three times because I couldn't
believe it - no lie). She loved this and kept pumping her muscle and
saying how cool it was that "I was now stronger than you" and that "my
muscle is now more developed and powerful than yours". We then asked
to armwrestle and I immediately realized that she had become pretty
experienced in armwrestling and beating males. After she explained
this, she said, "Give me a minute". With that, she began pumping up
muscle by flexing it over and over and over again (she kept her arm
against her side and kept raising her fist which made the muscle push
way out each time). The look on her face was dead serious and she kept
pumping the muscle in order get it harder and larger. As I watched this
attractive girl in her muscle sweater working to pump up her muscle, I
was again in awe as I watched the muscle thicken and swell to
unbelievable size. We then armwrestled and I was amazed at how that
extra inch that she had added onto her muscle had translated into such
superior strength. I couldn't handle her any more and lost right away.
Her shoulder and pec muscles were also now much bigger than mine and,
be honest, I thought that it was really cool. She looked very powerful
in her sleeveless sweater - a small waist, big thick arms, and a
powerful chest that made her have an awesome "V-shaped" upper body that
most guys would love to have. Her trainer at the gym told her that she
was genetically able to put on muscle fast and that she actually grew
bigger, stronger, and thicker than some of the males at the gym who
started out at the same time and were similar in size and weight. It
also surprising how clearly her veins could be seen running over her
muscles which was
really great looking, to say the least. Again, I'm
exaggerating - this is the way it actually happened.

From that day, our relationship really did change in an interesting
way as she became more "cockier" and dominant than before since she
that she had now surpassed me in muscle size and strength. She
continued with and actually intensified her workouts, too. There were
also little things that she did which changed. For one, she went
sleeveless at all time (she was incredibly proud of her muscle). She
would flex all the time and the feel of her muscle was awesome. It was
VERY thick in the middle and had a fantastic peak. She had one big vein
running over the top (with a few smaller ones branching off) which
really expanded when she flexed hard. This vein even ran up her
shoulder into her pec muscle (she was pretty defined and had lost a
amount of fat so all of this was visible). The muscle was hard from one
end to the other (you could feel the fibers clearly shifting and moving
under the skin when she pumped her muscle). Also, her tendons at the
front and back of the muscle were HUGE and must have grown in thickness
from the heavy strength training that she had done. They were at least
twice as thick as mine and felt incredible when they were working to
pull the main bulk of her muscle up and down. They were highly visible
and you could see all of the details of the rear tendon as it moved
from the muscle and under her arm. I felt this many times as she pumped
the muscle and it was way-cool! In addition (and this was also really
cool), she "insisted" that we wear the same or similar sleeveless
whenever we went out (most likely so that the public could "compare" -
she was having a blast with her new muscle development). What was even
more interesting was that, whenever she bought herself a new sleeveless
shirt, she would buy an identical one for me almost every time (a
smaller size for me, of course, since her upper body was considerably
bigger, thicker, and harder than mine). About the size difference, one
time she accidently put on one of my shirts (a size small sleeveless
cotton one with a collar and fairly small arm holes) and, while it fit
me fine, she could bare fit her arms and shoulders through the arm
because they had grown so large! In fact, when this happened she made a
point to show me that when she pumped up her muscle and did a hard
the peak of the muscle actually would not fit through the arm hole and
got "caught" in it. She had great fun with this (and so did I) and we
had many interesting "incidents" which happened when we wore the same
muscle shirts. Once, we both went to the post office to pick up a
package for her and it was quite heavy. I went to pick it up from the
floor and was struggling with it. She came over and picked it right up
and everybody that was waiting in line clapped for her! As she did
this, everyone's eyes were riveted on her muscle and when it bulged way
out from the work and her vein popped out of the muscle, one or two
people gasped. I heard one girl say, "She has a bigger muscle than him
- I've never seen that before - He'd better not make her mad!" I'm not
making this up, it actually happened. Out in the parking lot, that
girl came out and complimented her on her muscle. She then called me
over and told me to flex so that the girl could see the size difference
and how hard-core weight lifting could make a female's muscle grow
larger and stronger than a male's muscle (she was apparently interested
in starting a weight program and was very curious). We both flexed,
the girl was in awe since my girlfriend's muscle was clearly bigger,
thicker and more developed than mine. On the way home, she asked me if
I minded all of this and I told her that I actually thought that it was
great and that she was entitled to "show off" as a result of her hard
work and superior genetics.

Another interesting event happened a few weeks later when we stopped
over at one of her girlfriend's house to deliver a birthday gift for
her. They were having a small party (about 5 of her girlfriends) and
didn't plan on staying too long since we were going to a movie. We
both wearing the same shirts (sleeveless denim muscle shirts) and it
again seemed as if she could barely fit her arms through the armholes.
When we arrived, all of the girls were in awe and the entire topic of
conversation involved her larger muscle size and strength than mine.
She knew that I didn't mind and we both had fun with it. I can't
remember how many time we both flexed that night! Then (and this was
really cool) the girl that lived in the house had a 25 pound dumbbell
(her brother's) and challenged us to see who could curl it the most
brother also had one of those cheap weight sets with a "preacher" curl
bench that we used which was in the basement of the house). I can't
remember how many times we each curled it, but she beat me by a
significant number. As she curled, I watched her muscle rise upward
I saw her veins stick way out. Everybody leaned over to feel her muscle
as it was contracting and expanding (it felt awesome and nothing like
mine - it was hard to believe that a muscle like this was on my
girlfriend's arm!). She pumped that weight like a machine and her peak
stuck way out each time she raised the weight which was really neat.
peak had a great shape and was almost "angular" (it's hard to explain).
I put two of my fingers on her peak as she was lifting and was in shock
since the feel of it was incredible. As the peak rose and fell it
literally felt like a pointed rock moving under a piece of velvet. I
knew at that time this girl had developed her muscles to such a high
degree of hardness, strength and size that, if she ever got "mad" she
could pretty much do me some major "harm". What was even more amazing
was that, after all of the pumping, she stood up and everyone just
gasped since her muscles truly rivaled that of a weight-trained male in
her weight class. However, she still maintained her very attractive
which created a unique contrast with her pumped muscles. She then (and
remember this clearly) put both of her palms together and pushed upward
with her right arm against her left arm, causing her right muscle to
literally bulge out so far that I thought that her skin would burst.
She kept flexing and relaxing making the muscle move in and out - it
unreal. Because her muscles were so pumped (mine looked tiny compared
with hers), with every little movement, they bulged out and expanded.
Her peak rose just from picking up her purse. After that, we both went
over to a mirror in the bathroom (with everybody looking) and flexed.
The greater size and better shape of her muscle than mine was
undeniable. All of the girls felt our muscles agin and couldn't
the difference. I heard one girl actually remark how amazing it was
that she was able to "convert" her muscle to that of a male in 4 - 5
months. The girl then said (and I don't know if she knew that I was
listening) that, "I guess in your relationship, you are now the male
he is now the female!!!!" (which is where I first heard this). My
girlfriend liked this and simply went "YEAH!!!!!" and gave one last
for everyone. It was long and slow and she moved her fist around in a
circle to make the muscle move and shift under the skin. We got plenty
of looks at the theater since her muscle was still pumped. As we stood
around and waited to get in (the earlier show was not done yet), she
noticed that we were standing next to a small decorative mirror and
pumped her flex a few times to make the muscle move up and down (she
this all the time). The theater was not really crowded, but I heard
person say that had been watching, "I bet I know who is boss"!!!
are the highlights and I hope that you like them. I also hope that this
was not too long!!! Anyway, we went together for about another few
months and had a lot of fun (she was much more aggressive and dominant
than before) and then she took a job on the other coast and that was
it! We E-mail each other once in a while and I understand that she is
still working out. Perhaps I will see her again someday (hopefully even
more massive than before!). As always, comments are welcome. If you
want to read some more stuff like this (I have others yet to tell
including more about the gas-station girl and library woman), let me


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