The GrimCo. Automobile Lineup.

Visit the GrimCo. Mining and Manufacturing Devision for custom orders, just down the road from The Hub



The GrimCo. Mastodon - 250 Credits.

Simple, basic, reliable. The very first model of car to be introduced onto this server. Comes with an I6 engine and comes in either a Pickup, Coupe, Or Sedan.


The GrimCo. Diplomat - 550 Credits

Classy, looks right out of the Art Deco era. Comes with a V12 engine, and comes only as a Sedan.


The GrimCo. Mariner - 1,000 Credits.

The finest vehicle that GrimCo. offers as of now. Coming with either an I6 or a V6, and as a Wagon or Sedan, It looks like something straight out of the late 40's.