Mirnyy Polar Station/UBA/UFE/UUT Videos

Southern Continent - Yuzhnyy Kontinent
This beautiful made documentary is my favourite, because it shows real climate on Soviet Union polar stations and on ships (see Equator crossing ceremony in Part 4)...
Most interesting is Part 3 with rare footage of old radiostation in House 14 (already almost under ice) and real distress traffic examples with UUT while fire. (see also Part 7 for A2G and service traffic).
URWW is old callsigns of MIKHAIL SOMOV.
RSBX, RSOB seems to be callsigns used by tractors (poezda, stygach) in 4000 km voyage to Vostok Station, also typical 5F callsigns are used by IL-14 aircrafts. According to original working procedure it was often preceded by word BORT (flight).

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