1. TKmicroabc screenshots
    1. Basic usage
    2. Converting from pure ABC to Sagittal
  2. Download TKmicroabc

TKmicroabc screenshots

Here is TKmicroabc at work...

Basic usage

The main window of TKmicroabc, running on Musix GNU+Linux:

main window

Now, selecting 'Edit SRC' from the 'Actions' menu, to open/create the music source file.

opening ABP source

Editing the source ABP file with flabc:

editing the ABP file with flabc

Now, the commands to generate score and MIDI files will be executed by selecting 'Run ALL' from the 'Actions' menu:

running ALL commands

Finally, the output.
Here gv is used to display the score and timidity to play the MIDI file.

Viewing the output

One can export the sequence of commands of the project as a Shell script.

Export Shell Script

The TKmicroabc project can be saved to a file to be loaded (or modified) later.

Saving a project

Converting from pure ABC to Sagittal

In the following images, plain ABC is used as source, instead of an ABP file (ABC with aliases/macros).
Note that the checkbutton 'ABC to Sagittal' is checked.

Using ABC as source

Just like before, the ABC source is edited with flabc.

Editing the ABC file with flabc

One could otherwise use tkabc to edit the ABC file in a 'visual' way.
tkabc supports Tartini-Couper accidentals.
Programs like tkabc, Scala, MIDI sequencer and other related programs can be called using the 'Tools' menu of TKmicroabc.

Editing with tkabc

After modifying the ABC file with tkabc, one can process it using the TKmicroabc 'Actions' menu (here teared off).
In this screenshot, gv is displaying the resulting score.

The output, after modifying the ABC file with tkabc

Download TKmicroabc

The 'alpha' pre-release version of TKmicroabc, including binaries (for GNU+Linux) of the required programs microabc, abc2alias, abcpp, abcm2ps and abc2midi, is available at:


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