The Toshiba 341e was designed to be used with Windows 3.1, although, you can use it with Window 95 if you install it as an Epson Compatible 24 pin, the drivers for this printer should already be in c:\windows\system , if they are not, they are on the Windows 95 CD, if you don't have the windows 95 CD, you can download the file at the  
311 ExpressWriter  page. If there are other files that you need, write down the file names for me, post them on  this page  and I will find them for you. This form will not show me your e-mail address, I know how risky e-mail is, with all the viruses going around.

When you go to install the printer in windows, open the control panel, select add new hardware. When prompted "Do you want windows to search for your new hardware?" select no. In the next window select printers, in the next window under manufacturers select Epson, and in the column to the right, select Epson Compatible 24 pin. Then let windows search for the driver. If there is a file that windows cannot find, it will list the file. Write it down, and send that information to me.

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