Letter to the Editor: U.S. Catholic

April, 2001

Beyond Tolerance

As one more Jew who grew up in a Catholic neighbourhood, assaulted with the charge of "Christ-killer," I'd like to applaud U.S. Catholic for its interview with Sister Mary C. Boys ("We need to revise our perfidious views ," January).

In this interview, Sister Boys courageously addresses an unspoken dilemma. Trends in ecumenicism have smashed old doctrines, but left little to take their place. We've read Nostra Aetate, we've heard apologies, but in recent years, "tolerance" has come to mean "eliminating differences," and Catholics feel like they're being asked to give up their faith's uniqueness just to cross those reconstructed bridges. There's probably a nagging feeling in the ranks that the golden calf of political correctness won't save them when it's crunch time.

Boys is secure enough in her Catholicism to smash this final icon. She brings a passionate committment to dialogue, yet she is not ashamed of her religion. She boldly outlines a theology for the new millennium -- a vision of faith which, far from watered-down, is a sacramental glimpse of God's desires for all of us.

I give thanks that theologians and scholars like Sister Boys are creating a future in which my Jewish grandchildren and the next generations of Catholics will, God willing, dwell in peace together.

Jennifer M. Paquette
Toronto, Canada

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