Who is Saint Valentine, Anyway?
by Jennifer M. Paquette

Everybody knows that February 14th is Saint Valentine's day, right? Well, maybe not…

According to the official Roman Catholic calendar, February 14th is actually observed as the day of Saints Cyril and Methodius.

So what happened to Valentine? Has the chocolate industry been pulling the fluffy pink wool over our eyes all these years?

Not quite. February 14th used to be Saint Valentine's Day, but it hasn't been in my lifetime, and maybe not in yours, either.

While there were at least three historical Saint Valentines, ranging from the 3rd to the 4th century, not much is known about any of them. So little, in fact, that when the Vatican went through the rolls of saints in the 60's, figuring out who was an asset to the corporation, Saint Valentine drew a pink slip.

He was in good company, though. Remember Jolly Saint Nicholas? Well, you can call him plain old Nick now. You can't help wondering who they'll kick out next -- the Easter bunny?

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