8Cars 1.32 Released

I added a few new functions to the trainer. The ride menu now allows you to set any track piece to chain lift, as well as make track individual pieces invisible (you'll need an dummy object underneath besides land).

Here is a shot of the new menu:

I also added the ability to raise/lower/delete "null" objects from the map in Map Object Manipulation. Null objects will be created by the new invisible track option from the menu, so you should use this to clean up in case you mess up or otherwise.

This is my first update to the trainer in ages, but I had a request for these functions, so I said what the heck. I don't plan on actively updating it in the future, and this should be a one-time deal.

Posted by: Parkitect


8cars -- Fix on v1.31

Well, this seems to be a habit of mine, to release version of the trainer that have major oversights. In porting the code to a dll library, I failed to check and see if it still worked on the Euro and other versions.

Well, it didn't. I fixed the problem that was keeping it from working on Euro versions, so now it will work on those versions.

Posted by: ja227


SFOG 2003 v2 up

I just updated the Six Flags over Georgia re-creation for 2003. I mainly added some cosmetic improvements, like custom paths and graphically improved catwalks.

I've been doing a fantasy addition off and on, but I think it's nearing completion. I'm not sure if I'll do an update for 2004, but you're welcome to use my 2003 version as a base and do your own update. (Some credit would be nice if you do.)

Posted by: ja227


8cars with Hotkeys!

The newest version (1.31) of the trainer is available for download. It has a limited hotkey system and a new 'uniform peep color' function

I couldn't get a few types of functions interfaced to hotkeys, so you'll have to alt+tab on those. Most menu options with a key combo listed next to them are interfaceable to RCT2 via hotkey. These combos also work with the trainer menu as the focal window.

Posted by: ja227


Another Fix Posted (1.302)

I just posted another fix for the 8 cars trainer today. It is just for people who can't get the previous versions/fixes to work. It doesn't add anything new feature-wise.

Posted by: ja227


Fix 1.301 is up

I just uploaded a fix for 8cars 1.30. It mainly addresses the oversight I had in US version compatibility for sprite functions (peeps, trash, etc).

Also, I added a little object counter function in the "Park" submenu. This tells you how many item slots you have left to use.

Due to the aforementioned fix, the load is a little slower; but the version compatibility will be alot more flexible. So if you have never gotten any version of the trainer to work before, I suggest checking this fix out as it just might work for you this time.

Posted by: ja227


8cars v1.30 Released

The latest version of 8 Cars per Trainer, version 1.30, was put up last night. It includes new things like remove guests, clean paths, add custom cash, and empty trash--plus more.

Posted by: ja227


4 Cars Per Trainer v1.10

I have just put up 4cars 1.10 on the trainer/utility page. It features just about everything that is in 8cars plus brand new sprite data removal (guests, litter, and ducks). 4cars is the RCT1 'sibling' to 8cars.

Look for a brand new 8cars version shortly as a follow-up.

Posted by:ja227


Welcome and New Layout

Welcome to my RCT download page. Here you can find most of the files I've placed online. I improved the layout so that it's easier to navigate. It's a work in progress.

Posted by: ja227

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