The Great Outdoors

- Gator: a  mega looper in the swamp section
- Rolling Hills Mine Train: an Arrow-type mine train in the rolling hills section (gets a very high excitement rating--7.70+)
- River King: a wood out-and-back coaster in the river section
- Black Bass: a Vekoma lay-down coaster themed to swimming and jumping out of the water instead of flying; in the lake section
- Steel Bison/Wood Buffalo: a wood coaster racing a steel coaster in the plains section.
- Cougar: a floorless suspended coaster in the rocky mountain area
- Roadrunner: An Intamin hyper coaster in the American desert section
- Mountaineer: a wooden terrain coaster in the Appalacian section
- Polar Bear: a stand-up steel twister coaster in the ice bay section

Other rides:
- Polestar Shot/Drop--a S&S tower complex

- An overview of the tropical island and beach section (note the racks for dingies/rafts; this the water park section

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