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Descendants of
Elias Van COURT

Generation One

1. Elias1 Van COURT was born on 12 May 1691 St Andre Parish, Isle of Guernsey.1,2 He married Anne COOPER, daughter of William COOPER, in 1716 New York or Middlesex Co, NJ.3 He died on 28 Jul 1750 Middlesex County, New Jersey, at age 59.1,2

He arrived in this country between 1710 and 1718, and settled near Bound Brook, Somerset, NJ.

"He was a first settler of Piscataway, coming from the Isle of Guernsey, where he was born of Dutch parentage. His parents had gone to Guernsey to escape religious persecution in France, being of the Reformed Faith of the pious Huguenots."

The above and the information on the fourteen children of Elias and Ann were copied from an inscription in a French Testament, on the inside of the book cover in French words, along with this "Elois Van Court, fil Thomas Van Court, received this book from his uncle, Elois Woerker, on the 12th day of May, 1701, when he was ten years of age."

He was a cordwainer, that is a worker of leather.

Anne COOPER was born circa 1700.2 She died in 1779 New Jersey.

The 15 known children of Elias1 Van COURT and Anne COOPER were as follows:

Generation Two

8. Jane (Jeane)2 Van COURT (Elias1) was born on 13 Aug 1727.4 She married Richard RUNYON, son of Peter RUNYON and Providence BLACKFORD, in 1745.3

Richard RUNYON was born on 14 Apr 1719 Piscataway, Middlesex County, New Jersey.6

The seven known children of Jane (Jeane)2 Van COURT and Richard RUNYON were as follows:

10. Ann (Anna)2 Van COURT (twin) (Elias1) was born on 27 Aug 1730.3 She married Benjamin RUNYON, son of Peter RUNYON and Providence BLACKFORD, on 5 Jun 1749.9 She died on 19 Aug 1805 at age 74.3

Benjamin RUNYON was born on 21 Dec 1729 Piscataway, Middlesex County, New Jersey.6 He died on 3 Nov 1785 at age 55.3

The 13 known children of Ann (Anna)2 Van COURT (twin) and Benjamin RUNYON were as follows:

16. Michael2 Van COURT (Elias1) was born on 6 Jan 1738/39.1 Conflicting evidence indicates he was born on 4 Mar 1738/39.4 He married Elizabeth BROWN.4 He died in 1815.4

Elizabeth BROWN died circa 1814.4

The seven known children of Michael2 Van COURT and Elizabeth BROWN were as follows:

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